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Kendra and Krista are TigirLily

Diana!Long time guest blogger, Diana (attractive picture at left), is here to review 3 videos from YouTube Stars and sisters Kendra and Krista! Read what Diana says about this team also known as TigirLily and three of her popular music videos. We first mentioned these sisters almost 2 years ago and we've enjoyed many of their videos since then. Now we hope you enjoy them too!

Kendra and Krista, YouTube Stars!

youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/shadesofk3

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tigirlily

Twitter page https://twitter.com/tigirlily

Personal web page http://tigirlily.com/

Time for a new review and this one is on the singing sisters Kendra Slabaugh age 17 and Krista Slabaugh age 15. The North Dakota natives started singing in church and loved singing on stage and in public. They say they have been singing since they learned to talk.

Their voices are diverse, so they appeal to people who love pop, folk and country; that is a pretty wide angle to work with. Kendra and Krista combine their distinctive musical talents to comprise the genre-bending duo, Tigirlily! Music is their passion and they are honored to share it with the world. You go girls! They don't only do covers, but have amazing originals that I can so hear on any radio station. They have done public performances such as:

Holiday Honey" and another Christmas song "live" on North Dakota Today
West River Christmas Party
Farmers Union Insurance Annual Meeting
Basin Electic Annual Meeting, and more.

Check their personal website for more public performances coming soon!

Krista, age 15, is the one with the longer blond hair and of course Kendra, age 17, is the one with the shorter layered hair. I am learning about theses beauties as I write about them. I had not heard of them and am looking foreword to getting to know them along with you...

To start this out, let's go with one cover song and then two originals for my review, sound good? Yeah I thought so to :)

Blown Away - Carrie Underwood by Kendra and Krista (Tigirlily)

I love this song; these girls did a live acoustic version and made it their own. In this writer's humble opinion, it takes talent to take such an amazing song and do it with only a guitar. The pitch was spot on and although they slowed it down some, they never lost the clear tones, and the meaningful words were sang with passion. You two did awesome!

Tigirlily - "Holiday Honey" Official Music Video

ITS Christmas and what better way to have that feeling smack you in the face, ( Yes in a good way :P ) than by listening to Tigirlily Holiday Honey. The song is adorable, nice beat to dance to, great for kids and well anyone, its a wholesome song that will make you smile.. The video was very well done and put together and the girls looked beautiful.

Tigirlily - "North Dakota" Official Music Video

OK all you North Dakota Natives or Bison lovers, this song is FOR YOU.... I would consider this to be an anthem to North Dakota. What do you think? I have never been, but it looks so beautiful I want to GO. I saw the comments and ND people are coming around to say HECK yeah this is OUR SONG.. Way to go girls, you have an anthem!

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