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Danni Reviews Hidden Gems with Amazing Voices!

Danielle Hatfield

Guest Blogger Danielle Hatfield is back with her latest post for YouTubeStars! Danni is a beautiful woman from Alabama, as you can see above. We first found this talented singer on YouTube back when she was in High School. Now she is a college graduate and is getting married; congrats Danni!

Check out Danni's excellent singing videos on her YouTube channel! One of my favorites is this video of Danni singing Amy Winehouse's hit "Rehab" Also watch and listen to Danni sing "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele.

In her newest guest blog post for us, Danni reviews three "old school YouTube videos of regular people with singing talent, just sitting in front of their camera, singing a great cover tune. See what Danni has to say and watch the three music videos she talks about!

Hidden Gems with Amazing Voices!

Hi everyone!! I'm so excited to get a chance to write another guest blog! It's been too long!

Did you know that there are 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube ever minute?! That's crazy right?!! I mean seriously, sit there a minute and let that information absorb into your brain, so that you can get the complete "WOW" factor of it!

I'm sure now that you are trying to grasp that knowledge, you can understand that there are so many videos with people with real talent that just gets lost in the madness of it all. I like to think of those as hidden gems.

Today when I started writing this, I wanted to find a few hidden gems that deserved to be in the spotlight. That's exactly what I did! I found three videos of people with amazing voices that just need to be heard.

The first two videos are what I like to call "old school" style videos on YouTube. Just someone sitting down in front of the camera and singing with an instrumental like covers originally began on YouTube.

This first guy is named Bobby Stanley, and this video is of him covering "The Man" by Aloe Blacc. He also has some other amazing covers on his YouTube channel that you should check out!! (

This second video is a cover of a song I personally really love, "Make You Feel My love" by Adele. I don't think this song ever gets old, and Kira did a great job of singing it! She is pretty new to YouTube, with her first video only being posted a month ago. Kira Christoffersen is a talented teen with a pretty smile who likes to read and also writes very well. Maybe she'll do a guest post for us someday! She currently has several other really nice covers on her YouTube page ( NOTE: Kira removed this video, so enjoy watching her sing and play "The Best Day" instead, nice performance!

This last video that I wanted to share with you is a cover of "Team" by Lorde. I was pleasantly surprised by this cover. Trix is a dark haired teen from Holland who sings and plays the guitar. She did an awesome job, and her voice is perfect for this song! I can't wait to see what other covers she decides to do.

You can find other covers by Trix on her YouTube Channel (

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did, and found three new people to subscribe to!

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