Friday, May 30, 2014


Psychedelic Ghost, Nudity Warning!

OK, so as you already know, I like all kinds of music. Most of what I have on my playlist is fairly obscure and a little strange. That's the way I like it! Remember when I told you about my love for Ladytron and The Dandy Warhols, here? Well I found something new that's pretty cool, very trippy, psychedelic and similar to the Warhols.

Earlier this week I was watching David Letterman, and saw he had a band coming up with an interesting name - Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger! OL, that's sounds cool, right? So I wait until the end of the show and out comes these hippy trippy looking people. There's this attractive girl on Bass, and two dudes with long hair and black hats on guitar. Two drummers, one guy banging on something which I don't even know what it is! They look all Goth Hippy Shoe Gazers, and the song is too; cool! Soon three dancers come out, with Large animal masks covering their faces! Turns out, the song is named Animals. Luckily, Letterman uploaded the performance to YouTube, and here it is!

I wondered if there was an "Official Video" from the band for this song. I'm totally digging the guitars and the oooo-oooo aaah-aaah vocals, and that guy in the middle looks quite a lot like.... Time to research more. WOW, no wonder why the guy in the middle looks like..... And then I found the official video for Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, singing Animals. Far Out, MAN!!! Made to look like one of those cult films from the 60s where people gather in the woods and have crazy ceremonies, this video rocks if you're into that kind of thing, or weirdness in general! Now don't be watching this if full frontal nudity of the female body, in an artistic form, bothers you. Because nudity is in here. No sex, just nudity. Each of you can make up your mind as to whether this is ok or not. Check it out and decide!

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