Friday, August 29, 2014


YouTube Sex - Stripping Naked in Public

Hello my dear readers! I have been checking my stats. We get about 400 page views a day, lately. It seems that several keywords that people search on before they come here have some variation of "YouTube Sex" in them. There are keywords such as youtube se x, youtube sex, you tube sex, and sex on youtube. So to satisfy my readers (pander to my readers?) who want something youtube sex related, here are two videos of people stripping down to their underwear in public. I know the title of this post is YouTube Sex - Stripping Naked in Public, but there are no actual sex acts going on in these videos, nor is anyone naked. But there are lots of people in their underwear, so I hope that satisfies you! 50 years from now, or 100 years or more into the future, when someone is curious about what kinds of undergarments were worn in the early years of the 21st century, researchers may come across this post and learn all they need to know about underwear considered stylish or at least popular in entertainment pieces in the distant past.

We'll start off with a video from way back in 2001 by Alt Emo power pop punk band, Jimmy Eat World. The song is called "The Middle" and tells us that everything everything will be alright alright, kind of like The Beatles told us in Revolution. It went to #5 on the Billboard chart, and you probably remember both the song and the video, which was on heavy rotation on MTV. A bunch of 20-somethings are having a wild house party, and Jimmy Eat World is the entertainment. The theme of the party is - party in your underwear! Panties, bras, boxers, briefs - they are all here in many colors and varieties. Those wearing these under things are in quite good shape, in a stereotypical manner of speaking, according to what society considers to be hot bods. One guy wants to be different from everyone else in the crowd, and you can see what happens to him as the others dance, jump in the pool, drink and make out in refrigerators!

Here's a very recent video by a very new band, that is in a sort of competition with One Direction for the tween to teen and beyond pop music market. One Direction is from the UK and is receiving hundreds of thousands of views on their videos, including the song every teen knows all the words to - "(That's) What Makes You Beautiful". Their competition is 5 Seconds Of Summer, or 5SOS, who are of similar age, appearance and sound, but from Australia. In addition 5SOS play their own instruments and have a little harder rocking sound, which still using the same pop hooks. Last winter, 5 Seconds Of Summer released a song from their new album, titled, "She Looks So Perfect". This video has "only" 70 thousand views; less than most 1D videos. Maybe some tweens are banned by their parents from watching this? "You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear!" School kids, diner patrons, supermarket shoppers and even a cop strip down to their underwear for no apparent reason, other than to attract attention to this video!

Perhaps you too like to strip down to your underwear in public! Well you better plan ahead and make sure you're wearing new and Clean underwear! Get some at Amazon - they sell everything. Sure, you go there to buy books and music and DVDs and electronics, but dang it get some new clean underwear there too!

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The video 5SOS was the oddest song I have ever heard, and the people stripping? Not surprising though, to hear someone made a song like that. As for the video,"Party in your Underwear", I use to like the song they used. It was good to see the two redress and walk out. It's called self respect, and NOT all the people in the video had great bods.

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