Monday, September 15, 2014


#KentState - 4 Dead in Ohio

In the Spring of 1970, at Kent State in Ohio, there was a protest going on. Many young people had been drafted and died in the War in Vietnam. President Nixon was supposed to be drawing the war down, but an invasion of nearby Cambodia had recently been announced. Hundreds of students at Kent State were protesting this, and the Governor called in the National Guard to handle the disturbance. on May 4th, 29 guardsmen fired their weapons for 13 seconds, killing 4 unarmed students and injuring 9 others.

On September 15th 2014, it was reported that Urban Outfitters was selling a $129 sweatshirt with the Kent State University emblem that clearly had blood stains on it. #KentState was soon trending on Twitter.

For those interested in the flavor of the times, here is a video made for the song "Ohio" which was recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young just weeks after the Kent State Shootings. The video contains pictures of protests of the time. We support all members of the Military! Today, in addition to this Urban Outfitters Kent State incident, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to 2 Vietnam War Vets.

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