Saturday, December 13, 2014


Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!

Taylor Alison Swift, or T-Swizzle as some call her, was born on December 13th, 1989. Today is Taylor Swift's birthday; she turns 25 years old. Taylor started as a Country singer but recently has had great success with her first pop album, 1989, named for the year Taylor Swift was born. For her birthday, Taylor Swift hung out with Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and other top pop stars.
Taylor Swift talks to Gale King!

Taylor Swift told Gale King what she values in a girl friend, in a video in a Yahoo article on her Birthday. Click the pic at left to read it.

It's been a great year for Taylor. Her video for Shake It Off now has 370 Million views. Shake It Off was at the top of the Billboard music charts for weeks, until Taylor Swift topped her own song with her new song Blank Space which is now at the top of the charts The Blank Space video currently has 186 Million views.

To honor Taylor Swift on her Birthday, we'll talk about 2 Taylor Swift related YouTube videos. First, Shake It Off Outtake #7 where Taylor Swift dances with her fans. Taylor explains to the fans why they were asked to come. They had no idea they would be in her new music video! "You guys are like the climactic sequence ending of it. Throughout the rest of the video, I'm putting myself probably in more embarrassing situations than the entirety of my middle school experience. So just not fitting in, and making an idiot of myself. And then, finally, I find the people that I fit in with, which is you guys!" Moral of the story - Hang in there and shake it off when you're going through a rough period, and you can find your place in this world. Taylor Swift went through things that are similar to what you may be going through, and it worked out for her, so it can also work out for you. Find some good people to fit in with, and you'll get through whatever is happening, and find happiness in your life.

Check out this fun video in which 17 year old Mackenzie from Arizona dances around a food store to Taylor Swift's song Shake It Off!

Mackenzie, who also likes Demi Lovato and One Direction, had posted a few other videos like this one on her YouTube channel, but this video titled Shake It Off (Fan Made) was special because it caught the eye of Taylor Swift who Tweeted about it!

Mackenzie's video currently has 1.1 Million views! This is great publicity for someone who loves performing and aspires to be an actor. After you enjoy her store dancing, below, be sure to check our her Agent Showcase video from October 2014. It's great!

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