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Emma discusses Tastemade Recipes

Emma Samuelson Guest Blogger Emma Samuelson is here to talk about some delicious food recipes that are perfect for the Holidays!

Emma is a recent college graduate from California who writes her own songs, sings and plays guitar. Check out the excellent music and ASL videos on her YouTube channel! In Emma's own words, "I am a spiritual person and I love music, listening to it, creating it, and everything about it." Her love of music is obvious in her videos!

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Emma tells us about 4 videos from Tastemade and describes what they are trying to do with their video network built for the mobile generation. They have a passion for food and travel, but Emma is here to showcase some of her favorite holiday recipes created by Tastemade, so let's get started!

Tastemade Recipes

In this new day and age of sharing culture and experiences via social media networks, one company has dedicated themselves to giving the world a connection through food and video. Tastemade is a video network that can be found on every social outlet online, including YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook. According to their website, Tastemade is a “video network built for the mobile generation. We enable Tastemakers to come together to discover their passion for great food and travel. We bring this to life on every screen from smartphones to connected TVs for a global community that reaches over 88 million people monthly.” That’s right, a global community of more than 88 million people get to partake in the delicious and unique recipes they share with us on a daily basis. Everything from purple rice cakes to chocolate quesadillas… Tastemade really gives us an opportunity to connect the world through food.

With the winter season upon us, Tastemade has created a whole lineup of videos entitled “Hungry for the Holidays”, and have added holiday recipes to their “Thirsty for…” videos. These videos give some traditional and some different takes on classic holiday recipes. The thing I love about using recipes from Tastemade, is that it’s interactive when you watch their videos, instead of simply reading a recipe online. You get to see the food being made in front of you before you have a go at it. They also provide the full recipe with every video so you can remake each dish you fall in love with. Most of these recipes are also quite simple; anyone could afford to make these amazing additions to their holiday meal. This first dish is one of my favorites…

Although there are countless recipes I could talk about, what are the holidays without eggnog? Eggnog has been a long standing holiday tradition in the United States and Canada, and today is consumed all around the world. It has made its way into coffee shops and restaurants during the winter months so anyone could go pick up an eggnog latte wherever they are, but what Tastemade delivers is something too sweet to pass up. Their homemade eggnog recipe is one to be reckoned with! A friend and I decided to make this eggnog for a holiday party and by the end, people were begging us to make it again in the future. I told them they could make it anytime they wanted, thanks to Tastemade.

Finally, Tastemade gives us a slightly different recipe for a holiday favorite… pumpkin pie bars. These delightful bars will liven up any holiday party you attend. The recipe uses some unique, distinct flavors to spice up the classic dessert, including maple syrup and orange zest. I love making bars rather than large pies because they are a little easier to eat and that way you can give everyone an equal portion size. Regardless of my favorite holiday recipes, Tastemade provides thousands of amazing recipes for all occasions and seasons that you can access anytime. They truly do provide the world with amazing food experiences, so you never know when you and someone on the other side of the world are making the same meal!

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