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Emma writes about La Blogothéque

Emma Samuelson Guest Blogger Emma Samuelson is back to tell us about some very cool music videos!

Emma is a recent college graduate from California who writes her own songs, sings and plays guitar. Check out the excellent music and ASL videos on her YouTube channel! In Emma's own words, "I am a spiritual person and I love music, listening to it, creating it, and everything about it." Her love of music is obvious in her videos!

Please use this link to see a list of ALL guest blog posts by Emma Samuelson.

Today, Emma tells us about 3 “field work music videos” -- music videos from La Blogothéque filmed in cafes, on streets and in apartments. Sounds interesting so let's get started!

La Blogothéque

Of all the different musical endeavors in blogging, La Blogothéque is truly a unique collective of bringing new ways of consuming music to the world. Beginning in 2003, bloggers came together to produce music out of the typical context of live shows and making albums… instead they created an online project that gives both musicians and audience members a brand new experience. La Blogothéque’s main director, Vincent Moon, guides this group in filming “field work music videos”, entitled Take Away Shows, with various artists in scenes such as cafés, historical venues, city streets and apartments. They have shot over two hundred music videos featuring artists like Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, Father John Misty, Leon Bridges, Arcade Fire, Phoenix and Beirut. By taking these musicians into various contexts of daily life, the music gains a element of purity in sound. The quality delivered in every short film is incredible, without dubbing songs over or imputing any technical corrections, the music is pure in sound and delivery. With France as the main background for these epic music videos, anyone would enjoy the experience La Blogothéque has to offer.

One of my favorite Take Away Shows features Jack White at Château de Fontainebleau in France back in 2014. He, along with other talented musicians, performed “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” and “Entitlement”, each in different parts of the palace. In comparison to his live shows which deliver a bold, classic rock, bring the house down kind of style, these performances are acoustic, quaint and quite moving.

Another memorable performance was done back in 2008 when La Blogothéque followed Bon Iver around Montmarte, Paris, France. Singing “For Emma, Forever Ago”, Bon Iver first sings the piece a cappella in a building lobby with a group of people standing witness to the gorgeous harmony. Next, the cameras follow Bon Iver as they slowly wander the neighborhood, as a group of tourists ahead continue on their walk, now with a soundtrack to their sight seeing. It truly is a remarkable short film well worth the time.

Lastly, I’d like to share with you all a beautiful masterpiece of Spanish guitar performed by the duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. To give you a little taste into the magical world of their music, Rodrigo y Gabriela are two guitarists from Mexico City that get their influence from neuvo flamenco, rock and heavy metal. Without lyrics, their music transports listeners into a space of incredible sounds produced from just two guitars. Combining instrumental rock and flamenco rumba, Rodrigo y Gabriela always put on a stellar performance. In this piece done by La Blogothéque, the duo sit outside a somewhat crowded café and perform “The Soundmaker”, as bystanders witness the magic.

These Take Away Shows, I believe, truly have a deep meaning in the world of music. La Blogothéque uses a unique approach of capturing artists in their element, as well as in a beautiful, intriguing, familiar place. Consuming music through this platform has the potential to impact listeners in a positive, uplifting and calming way. I encourage enjoying more of what La Blogothéque has to offer, and it will fill your ears with joy.

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