Monday, April 04, 2016


That's A Moron - Stupid Stuff Fail

Back to school or work after Spring Break? Need something to make you smile? Here it is! You're welcome.

When you see someone about to do something dumb and dangerous, you have to ask yourself, "What were they thinking?" Here is a collection of demented dudes doing dumb, daring, and dangerously deeds. I don't have to tell you in advance that they aren't going to end well. You can tell that right away, from the first frame of each clip.

This video may cause you to laugh hysterically! Or it may leave you shaking your head. You may recognize the song as a parody of "That's Amore" once performed by the Late funny man Dean Martin. Or you may be hearing this melody for the first time. That's okay and it doesn't make you a Moron. Try one of these stunts if that is your goal. But I don't recommend it!

Sit back and relax, and be glad its not you in these clips that include parkour fails, flip fails, bike fails, gym equipment fails, cliff jumping fails, pool jumping fails, beam walking fails, dangerous chain saw swinging, prank fails, swing fails, roof jump fails, kung fu fails, car jumping fails, and laughing animals!

That's A Moron - Parody of Dean Martin "That's Amore" by Al Mahan

Published on Jul 31, 2013. 2 million views in April 2016.
Hilarious parody set to Dean Martin's "That's Amore by Al Mahan.
Young People doing dumb, daring, and dangerously stupid stuff.

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OMG! Hahaha well some of them did really good flips and I hope they didn't get hurt! o.O

Wow, the crazy and dangerous stunts people do! On the bright side, it gives us all a good laugh at their expense, as the stunts were (painfully) funny. I find it even more interesting that they were mostly performed by guys (how ironic).

Some of these things are dangerous!

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