Thursday, June 15, 2006


I Spoke to littleloca live on !

Littleloca (read my post on her) did a live event today on She took calls from her YouTube fans from 11AM to Noon, Pacific time, and I was her second caller. The entire event was shown live at this URL. When I clicked on the "Open in QT Player" button, my browser couldn't find the page, so I had to cut and paste "rtsp://" into my QuickTime player. The feed was pretty clear. The audio from the callers was a little hard to hear but Loca came through just fine.

I tuned in at about 10 minutes to 2PM here on the East coast. They were setting up the desk where littleloca would be sitting. They had a nice high-back chair for her, behind a desk with two phones - an old fashioned dial phone and a rectangular phone on which she took calls. There was an analog clock on the wall behind her. Littleloca was a few minutes late because of traffic. You could hear her in the background as she arrived. She said, "Hi I'm Stevie or Littleloca..." Within minutes, she was seated and taking calls. The first caller was Phantom409. He and his wife, a medium, talked to Loca for about 10 minutes. I called in a few times during that call, but you could only get through when the line was clear. Otherwise, you got a looped message telling you to hit 1 if you're over 18. As soon as Loca got off with Phantom, I hit 1 and got connected. I was a little surprised at first because I was watching the event live and there was about a 7 second delay in the feed. I didn't see Loca pick the phone up but I knew it was her that I was talking to. After some pleasant small-talk about the weather, I asked her how she first heard about YouTube. She told me how a friend had shown it to her. She saw the video of FilthyWhore's rash and decided that she could do a lot better! I also mentioned that I saw her Barber Shop video where she did push-ups and asked how many she could do! She said she worked up to 40 and recommended exercise to all the women to be strong. She flexed her biceps to show the results of all her hard work!

Littleloca took about 8 calls in total. Other YouTube members that got through included Krysta and BenitoKicksAss. She was very nice and sweet to all the callers. She asked everyone how they were doing and where they were from and sent out much love to all the callers and their hometowns as well. Some of the topics covered were:
What she thought of Madonna on a cross in her new video.
What her plans are now that she's out of high school.
Who she thought might have hacked into her account last night.
How she communicates with Silent Girl.
In between calls, Littleloca talked about her "haters" and about her large silver hoop earrings. She stayed "in character" the whole time. "Stevie Ryan" was never spoken of.

I understand that the people at intend to edit the video and post it somewhere. I'll link to it when they do.

Thanks, littleloca for doing this event and for taking my call! Much love and respect to you!

The video is finally up!
Here it is. That's me talking to her at the one minute mark...

Stevie rocks!!! Thanks for the update Kenny.. some of us couldn't catch it because of work. Looking forward to a viddy of the days events.. Glad you got through..


Yes, Scott, Stevie does rock! I got to see how she handled a live totally unscripted event and she aced it! I'll link to the vid once it's online.

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