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littleloca - YouTube Star!

Picture by
Sean Azul.

Littleloca has been one of the most popular YouTube members ever since she uploaded her first video on May 3rd, 2006. A few weeks after she appeared, it became known that littleloca is a character being played by Stevie Ryan.
Ms. Ryan, age 22, (her myspace) is an actress who is a close friend of Drake Bell from the Drake and Josh show on Nickelodeon. There are 2 pictures of them together halfway down on this page.

In her first video, littleloca describes herself as an 18 year old girl named Cynthia, a.k.a. Giggles, who lives at home with her family in East L.A. She tells us a little about her family, she says her parents are strict. She wears a headband or bandana and large hoop earrings. She seems to have an emo yet friendly style but we can see a tough and feisty core.

If you can't see the video above, watch it at youTube.

Littleloca has always been as controversial as she is popular. Some like her ability to amuse while displaying various sides of her personality. Littleloca has mentioned her family and religion, and has done social commentary in her contrast of the rich and poor sides of L.A. She also is not afraid to say what she thinks about other YouTube members, and often has several funny comebacks in each video. Not everyone sees the humor in her remarks. Some think that she goes too far in her remarks on individuals and groups. Littleloca gets loads of comments on her videos and many contain strong language. She uses adult language in many of her videos as well.

A frequent guest on Littleloca's videos is her friend Silent Girl. Silent girl is played by Monique, and 18 year old girl who has said that she is Stevie's cousin. In the following clip, Silent Girl makes her debut. Look at the adorable facial expressions she makes as she reacts to what Littleloca is saying. At one point, she cracks up when Littleloca comments on the supposed cupcake stuck in theicongirl10's throat.

If you can't see the video above, watch it at youTube.

In this next video. Littleloca takes us for a ride around L.A. She ends up getting out of the car and walking toward Nickelodeon studios where she runs into Drake Bell while she is filming. She attempts to "interview" him as he tries to get some lunch. She is persistent but Drake remains friendly, although he does seem to have had enough of her at times!

If you can't see the video above, watch it at youTube.

I'll end this entry with a video of Littleloca's trip to Mexico. She went there with her family to visit her grandparents. She shows us some sights in Mexico and tells us a beautiful story about Sand Dollars.

If you can't see the video above, watch it at youTube.

As Stevie continues to develop the Littleloca character, we'll visit with her again and give you all an update!

Read more about Littleloca in my LFC article and in this thread at YouTubeTalk.

Update 6/15/06
Stevie Ryan (littleloca) did an interview that was just posted at Bullfighter's Cafe. It gives a lot of insight into Stevie and what she is hoping to do with her littleloca character. Read it now!

Littleloca takes calls on Ring My Bell TV - TODAY - 11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern time.
(The RingMyBell event was a big success and I got to talk with littleloca! Read all about it!)

I did an interview with littleloca here...


shes a fake. She didnt even get any viewers they are her own fake accounts

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