Thursday, June 08, 2006


Something Old, Something New

I'd like to begin this guide to the YouTube Stars by showing you two clips from two different female YouTube members. After all, ladies go first!

Something old
The first time I came to YouTube was about 6 or 8 months ago. I followed a link from another site; it may have been a news organization's online report, I'm not sure. But I do remember watching the video I linked to, for the first time. It is the "Hey Clip" and it was made by Tasha (her MySpace page is here), a 21 year old woman living in Israel, and her friend Dishka. These two ladies decided to lipsynch, dance and play guitar to the song "Hey", by The Pixies, an alt-rock band from the late 80s. The ladies are attractive, but the charm of the performance is in their confident yet playful delivery. The editing is very good. Scenes are of just the right length and some are amusing.

This video is very popular on YouTube, and has been since Tasha first posted it in September, 2005. It has been viewed over 5 MILLION times and has received over 4800 comments! Tasha is still popular on YouTube and has uploaded a total of 13 videos. Please visit Tasha's YouTube profile and watch some of her other work as well.

If you can't see it above, watch it at YouTube.

Something new
I recently became aware of YouTube member cutiemish after KayleeRocks recommended her in this post on the YouTubeTalk website. So far, I've viewed 2 of her clips, both delightful! Mishy (her MySpace is here) is 17 and is a Chinese girl living in the UK. She has made 20 videos for YouTube so far. Some are lipsychs to pop tunes and she tells us what's on her mind in others. Her British accent, oriental features and youthful good looks combine to make a pleasant viewing experience! Watch as she poses and sings along to Jill Sobule's "Supermodel"!

This video was just uploaded on May 28th and it already has over 150 thousand views and over 450 comments! Her follow-up video blog, "just another message", already has over 200 thousand views and over 1150 comments - and she just posted it on June 1st. I'd say Mishy is officially a YouTube star!

If you can't see it above, watch it at YouTube.


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