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Cinema du jour, part 13 - Paperlilies, spricket24, capo420420 and The Skinny

But first, some YouTubeStars news.

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Paperlilies debuts at number 54 this week on the YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart! Wow, she almost doubled her number of subscribers in One Week. She went from 3272 subscribers last week to 6069 this week! She already had a large fan base but she was also featured on the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1 and that probably was part of the reason that she got so many new fans. Congrats, Bryony!

New features were added this week to the YTStats program. You can now search your Favorite Videos list by Title/Channel/Notes (your private notes). You can also search by your ratings and by your own tags. We have over 20 people signed up to use the program so far. It's an online program so there's nothing to download, and it's FREE to use! Sign up now or login if you've already signed up.

Coming soon! Two new features coming soon at YTStats:
1) If you've signed up, YTStats already keeps a weekly record of your number of profile views and number of subscribers. Soon, it will keep a DAILY record of the number of views and number of comments on ALL of your videos! You'll be able to see, in table and chart form, how your videos are doing, over time.
2) Import your YouTube "My Favorites" list into YTStats! You'll be able to use all of our search methods to search and sort your favorite YouTube videos. We'll have even more ways to search and sort in the future.

Now, on to the Movies Of The Day...

He Had It Coming
Paperlilies (read more, here and here) is having a great week. As noted above, she debuted on the Top 100 list at number 54 because she almost doubled her number of subscribers. Part of her recent success is due to this video. It's an excellent music video for the "He Had It Coming" (Cell Block Tango) song from the movie "Chicago". Bryony plays the part of each of the woman singing about how she ended up in jail, complete with costume changes and wigs. The results are fabulous, just watch!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Fun with a HAT!
Here's a funny video from spricket24, also known as Karen, a 29-year-old woman from Minneapolis. She is in the number 18 position on the most subscribed YouTube Comedians Category list. Karen does random sketches about a heavy winter hat that she "stole" from her father years ago. Don't miss the "Goat Pie" segment at the 2 minute mark, LOL! Karen is a pleasure to watch and you never know what she'll say next. Watch and Laugh Out Loud!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Coal Miners , Johnny Cash & Coal Miners Daughter my MOM ;)
Capo420420 is Jeff WIlliams, a musician from North Carolina. Jeff plays acoustic guitar, but not always the same way that everyone else plays guitar. Jeff is one of only two in the world who are able to play a guitar in a piano-like manner. I can't describe it, you'll have to see it to understand. Watch this video, and be amazed! The video that I will present here is a tribute to coal miners and their families. It's a great folk song; music and lyrics were written by Jeff, and it is sung by Jeff and a background vocalist. Watch and listen!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

The Skinny with Capo420420 - special shoutout to DiGiTiLsOuL
The Skinny is "The ONLY daily show on youtube that features news and a different member each day all packed into 10 minutes." It's on the SrJohnBosco YouTube channel and John is the host of the show. John wants to support and promote lesser known YouTube members, and I support that! Watching any one of their videos (currently 42) is a great way to learn about a YouTube member that you may not have found out about yet. In this video, sunshinetaylor (more here) introduces the show with a short comedy bit. Then John talks about recent interactions with DigitalSoul and about his goal of getting an average YouTuber featured on the front pages of YouTube every day. At about the 5 minute mark, capo420420 (see above) is introduced and discussed. John shows clips from three of Jeff's videos. Watch this video and then subscribe to SrJohnBosco so that you can watch The Skinny every day!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Please read our last Cinema du jour, part 12, here! That post mentions darahgna, sunshinetaylor, renetto and tlg847.

With the proper guidance and practice, you can be changing your guitar strings in no time and save a lot of money in the process.

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