Monday, May 14, 2007


School's Out!

School's out for Summer! You worked hard at your studies, now it's time to enjoy life for a while. I have a feeling that we're about to see a surge in new YouTube videos, as people use their free time to watch and create movies. For maximum exposure, post your cool new Summer videos on both YouTube AND LiveVideo! Go join LiveVideo by clicking on that blue ad at the top of the left column.

We'll start the fun this week with a video that has a "School's Out" theme. Then we'll watch a 14-year-old female singer/yodeler sing a song that won her a world championship. Next up, we'll see Day One in a new singing series that celebrates Classic Rock. We'll end with a mystery/controversy; something to think about now that school is done hogging all of your brain cells!

Summer Is Almost Here!!

Now that the semester is over, it's time to head home and enjoy the friends and family that you've missed during the school year. Katiwren27 has made a short video about just that! Kati calls this a pointless video, but I think it is representative of the excitement that many students are feeling these days. Be sure to also watch Kati's "56 Things I Learned" in college and see if you agree or disagree with each of her "things".

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.


I can't watch this video without a huge grin spreading across my face! Young miss TiffanyJoAllen is only 14, but she has full-grown talent. She has been singing since she was 9, so she is young but not a novice. Watch her yodel her little heart out in this video filmed at the 2007 Tucson Folk Festival. You'll see why she is an International Yodeling Champion!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

day one of rock week!

Here's a fun idea! Pick a bunch of your favorite songs and sing along. Everyone does it, but not everyone films it! Mrspassic decided to do just that, and she invites everyone to do the same in response videos. Sarah starts her Classic Rock video list off with a tribute to Aerosmith as she sings along to "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". She really connects with the emotion of this song; watch and see! Then, make your own singing video - hey, why not, School's Out and you have plenty of free time now!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Smoking, Tobacco Industry and Youtube

Is the Tobacco Industry paying people to make YouTube videos that portray Smoking in a postive light? Usmedstudent, a first year medical student, thinks that they just might be! He thinks that the Tobacco Industry is engaging in Buzz Marketing, a deceptive form of advertising because the people making the vids appear to be "real" people. Are the Pro-Smoking videomakers "real" people just expressing their enjoyment of Smoking, or are they "fakes" who are paid to market concepts and products? Watch the video and express your opinions in the comments. The debate has already begun between usmedstudent and vesperae, a woman who interacts "with others in the Smoking Fetish Community," in this video's comments. What are YOUR thoughts on this???

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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Love the theme of "School's Out" and summer coming. The videos you choose was great videos especially the yodeler, (Tiffany JoAllen) she was awesome. Great yodeling and great guitar playing. Usmedstudent did a great job on presenting his case about tobacco smoking and how the tobbaco companies influence teenagers and people in genral. I think they should show more TV ads about what can happen to you if you smoke. You can die from throat cancer or lung cancer or go through a grueling episode in life. That smoking isn't as glamorus or cool as they make it .Peace.

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