Saturday, July 14, 2007


Celestialsam Writes, again

I think it's fair to say that CelestialSam is one of the nicest young ladies on YouTube. She always has nice things to say in her comments on other people's videos and she makes classy, enthusiastic and positive videos that are entertaining and fun to watch.

Here's a few items of Sam trivia from one of her websites:
"I aspire to become an professional actress. I am a serious firearm enthusiast. I eat healthy organic food. Main staples: palak paneer, pad thai, baba ghannouj, and spinach fattoush." Mmmmmmm, sounds delicious!

Sam likes to help to promote other videomakers by sending out bulletins and featuring singers' songs in her videos (like KrisShred and YsabellaBrave). She also promotes others by writing about them. This is the second time she has been a guest poster here at YouTubeStars. After you read this, please check out her first guest post. Thanks!

Daddy (Original)

Gijs a.k.a. TheTroubadourJacobs is an exceptionally talented one-man-band. His lyrics will have you tapping your toes and laughing out loud. His smooth voice and unique sound will have you begging for more. In one of his more recent videos, "Daddy," Gijs jokingly sings about his less-than-admirable father figure: "He's a beercan artist, stacks them up from the floor; every week a diffrent shape, he's got a bilion or more." Be sure not to miss any of his whimsical performances!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

A Question To My Gentelmen

sistaspooky1013 recently posted a poem of her own composition which she reads in a recent video titled "A Question To My Gentleman." Sit back, close your eyes and listen to her beautiful, soft and sultry voice enchant, intrigue and inform you of "how to take a woman far."

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

James (new original song!)

MaryAnne a.k.a. ysabellabrave has released her first actual self-edited and original music video entitled "James." Listen to and savor her angelic voice and indulge in her ethereal beauty. Let her video transport you to a place of solace.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Greg's HOT Sister.

Enjoy Kate's a.k.a. Katers17's video "Greg's HOT Sister." In it, Kate is put to the task of watching after Greg's sister after a kitchen ladle incident. When she arrives, Kate realizes she's Greg's hot sister isn't quite what she had envisioned. Whatever will she do? Watch to find out!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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