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The LonelyGirl15 crew have wrapped up what they are calling "Season One" of their popular video series. LG15 remains the second most subscribed channel on YouTube and is also popular on MySpaceTV, where they showed 12 finale videos a day before they were available on YT. Below, we show the Season One recap video and a News video that covers the Season ending story. We'll also watch a new and talented singer and a fun dance clip from one of the 80's most popular movies.

But first, let's have a look at this week's YouTube Top 100 Chart. There was no change at all in the Top 10 spots. There were three position swaps in the Top 20 - JamesNintendoNerd and Brookers, kevjumba and GayGod, and universalmusic group and linkinparktv. The biggest move this week was by sxephil who moved up 19 to the number 49 position. Spricket24 is back on the chart at #95 and citizenchong (Tommy Chong) is back at number #100. This week's Featured Video is from FairyPixie. I find her videos to be funny and interesting. Check her out!

lonelygirl15 Season 1 Recap

Are you new to YouTube? If you are, you may not yet have come across the most popular video series in the history of YouTube. Watch this Season 1 recap to get an idea of what all the veteran YouTubers, and news media, have been intrigued with for the past year. (See more LonelyGirl15 videos and commentary here.) Even if you've seen many of the LG15 vids, you'll want to watch this to be reminded of highlights from previous episodes.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

The Word Episode Three

There's a new News Channel in town! TheeNews broadcast Episode One two weeks ago, with a lead story about LisaNova. The newscaster calls himself The Stranger and appears on screen in a hat with a bandana covering his face. But here in Ep 3, we see Walter Cronkite and listen to Mister Stranger's voiceover as he talks about LG15, nalts and the GOP Republican presidential candidates CNN/YouTube debates.

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Any Man Of Mine - Kitty Brucknell sings Shania Twain

Here's a great cover of a Shania Twain hit, sung by talented and attractive YouTuber kittybrucknell. Kitana lives in London and adores country music. She just joined YT on June 18th and already has over 100 subscribers and 12 videos to check out. Don't miss her a capella version of Amazing Grace. You'll also get to hear her speaking voice as she introduces the song. Best wishes to Kitty, the newest YouTubeStar!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

Breakfast Club Dance

This is a short fun clip from the popular 80s movie, The Breakfast Club. The kids all dance to a rockin' tune, each in their own style. Check out the dance moves! I know I've done all of them at one time or another, how about you? If you remember the 80s fondly, read this article about the sometimes cheesy music and fashions of the 80s. Enjoy!

If you can't see the video above, watch it on YouTube.

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