Monday, September 10, 2007


Celestialsam Writes, part 3

Hello readers! Here's another guest post from the lovely and talented Celestialsam. If you haven't watched yet, be sure to see her hilarious Britney lipsync and her wonderful tribute to Kris Shred.

Ysabellabrave has gone done it again! That's right, our beloved MaryAnne has created another masterpiece, which she entitles "Baby One." All effects seen in the video are her own. It is not only a visually stunning representation of her creative talents, but a brain child of her alluring voice and countless hours of dedication. Lose yourself in her ethreal voice and; above all, don't be afraid to get up and dance!

Can't get enough of ysabellabrave? Then be sure to watch "Ysabella Brave's 100th Video!!!" It will make you laugh; it will make you cry; it will make you get on your knees and beg for more! Join MaryAnne for a trip down memory lane. Don't hesitate. Celebrate!

Back in July, TomsterMusic created one of the most heartbreaking videos I have ever seen. In his video "'FERAL CHILD' VIDEO PREMIERE (PLEASE read description)", he sings of a true story concerning a girl who was trapped in isolation and strapped to a potty-chair for approximately 13 years. When finally discovered, she could not speak and could scarcely walk. Indeeed, you will wonder "How could anyone do this?"

A talent I've recently happened upon is that of jennywillemstijn777. Jenny belts out notes so fine in her video "Me singing Crazy (Gnarles Barkley)", that she leaves Barkley in the dust! With such a powerful voice and beautiful features, one wonders if she could be YouTube's next greatest sensation!

Are you tired of today's mainstream music? Are you sick of women selling their bodies in music videos? Have you had enough of the same regurgitated lyrics that pop and rap have been degenerated to? If you can relate, watch Kaliazzura's latest video "Umbrella/Best Sella (Rihanna/Leesha Harvey) Kali Azzura". Don't forget to see the original video by LeeshaHarvey "Parody of "Umbrella" by Rihanna (aka "Best Sella").

Please read Celestialsam's second guest post, here.

Please read Celestialsam's first guest post, here.

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I've written about Ysabella and Jenny in my blog The Best Tunes On Youtube! Come check it out!

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