Monday, November 12, 2007


Embedding disabled by request

I would like to tell you about two talented female videomakers. Normally, I'd embed some of their videos in this post. However, both ladies have decided to set their videos to "Embedding disabled by request." So, I'll just tell you about these entertaining women and give links to their videos on YouTube.

But first, The NEWS. There is not much movement this week in the top 50 of the Top 100 Weekly Chart. But there are some nice movers in the bottom 50. MarieDigby, LazyLionProductions and Mememolly all made nice moves on the 41-60 page. Wowhobbs, a World Of Warcraft channel, moved up 8 to the number 88 slot.

The once mighty Lonelygirl15 channel has been losing subscribers lately. According to the Subscriber History for lonelygirl15, we see that the channel has been losing subscribers since it peaked at 101,357 on 9/23/2007. Will current number 1, Smosh, fall from the top like Lonelygirl15, Brookers, FilthyWhore and Geriatric1927 all have? If we look at the number of subscribers they have versus number two, universalmusicgroup, it doesn't appear that they will leave the top spot any time soon.

Recently, we reported on the YouTube community's reaction to the fact that Oprah is on YouTube. Since then, there has been one more video of note on the Oprah "Hullabaloo" from popular videomaker Boh3m3. Please have a look at his thoughts on the matter, in his video titled An Apology / All the Hullabaloo (language warning!)


A few weeks back, I was visiting with my young niece and nephew and something in the conversation caused me to begin singing the chorus of a song that I had not heard in years! I did not remember who sang the song, but I did know it contained the phrase "Love and Desire." So I searched for these words on YouTube and found a video that used the song as a backing track. The video portrayed a woman having a wonderful time dancing to the tune.

The woman in the video is Diana, an artist living in Arizona. She has made over 180 videos, almost all show her dancing to songs from the 60s through today. The first words on her profile sum up her attitude: "Have Fun...Do what you want to do...even if you're criticized." Diana certainly has fun making her dance videos! I also enjoyed her dancing to New Order's Blue Monday, Billy Idol's White Wedding and Madonna's 12 inch version of Burning Up. For more on Diana and her art, please visit her website.


I'm not sure how I first came across this very intelligent and charming young lady. I do know that the first video of hers that I saw was titled amerenglish. Lydia, living in the UK, discusses something that always interests me, the differences between British English and American English. I was struck by the level of presentation by someone of this age. Lydia is 15 and explains in her explanation video that she has been "technically labeled as gifted since I was about three." She is not saying this to boast, but it is clearly true as seen in this video!

Please also watch Lydia's commercial break, a cool faux advert for a Casio keyboard. And don't miss her question and answer video series, starting with Part I. Click here to see a list of all of Lydia's entertaining videos.

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Did you know that YouTube provides you with an easy way of bypassing this embedding disabled stuff? If you visit all you need to do is paste the URL of the video you would like to embed and the page will return embed code that you can use in your blog!


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