Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Good News, Bad News

First, the good news. YouTube has expanded their Partner Program. This means that more people will be able to make money from ads that will run in and next to their videos. YouTube ran a pilot Partner Program earlier this year and asked about 100 people if they wanted to be in it. Now, they are ready to admit many more. The rules state that you may be made a partner if you have lots of subscribers and video views and you adhere to YouTube's Terms of Use. How much money can you make? No one is talking because Partners have to sign a non-disclosure document. It has been rumored that partners are paid around 10 cents per thousand views - that's $100 for a million views. If you want to find out for sure what the pay rate is, apply for the Partner Program. If you're chosen to join, you'll find out about the earning potential. Good Luck!

To learn more about the partners program, watch the following video from YouTube's own channel. Also, read this article and have a look at YouTube's blog entry on the partner expansion.

Partner Program Expands

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The bad news is that there are signs that YouTube is still unable to administer its system fairly. There are continued reports of people having their accounts suspended for little to no reason, while others who are banned multiple times for good cause are still able to keep coming back. People are still able to artificially inflate their video views, and the thumbs up/down system has been abused. Mikma, a YouTuber whose trademark catchphrase comment is "Mikma was here" has recently had all of his comments deleted by YouTube. All this has many people wondering if YouTube can fairly administer their Partner Program. Time will tell, we'll have to wait and see how it goes. Here are two videos, from Tom (tlg847) - a member of the new YouTube Council, and long time YouTubeStar Paperlilies, about the Mikma mess.


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More bad news, from the American heartland. There was a mall shooting recently in Omaha Nebraska. YouTuber FairyPixie lives there. She made a heartfelt video about the tragedy. She made the point that kindness is contagious and we should be nice to each other. Maybe a kind act could be just the thing to keep someone on the edge from doing something terrible. Watch the video, FairyPixie expresses this thought much better than I can!

Be Nice

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While it's obvious that YT doesn't have enough support people to even begin to cover the issues on YT. I have noticed a few of my friends on YT did get their accounts restored by YT after being unfairly banned. I was surprised by this. I figured once they were banned there was no hope of a return.

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