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New Year, New Faces

Happy New Year! YouTube grew quite a bit in 2007. The site is not the same as it was one year ago. At the start of 2007, YouTube had just been bought by Google for 1.65 Billion dollars worth of Google stock. The site was still primarily full of content produced by amateurs. Here is a list of the 20 Most Subscribed Channels, one year ago:

# Channel Subscribers
1 lonelygirl15 73279
2 smosh 39853
3 geriatric1927 34451
4 Brookers 32786
5 WilliamSledd 28083
6 thewinekone 27783
7 BaratsAndBereta 26992
8 GayGod 23691
9 boh3m3 22445
10 LisaNova 21105
11 renetto 19475
12 Danielbeast 19304
13 impytherap 18944
14 TheHill88 17061
15 digitalfilmmaker 16768
16 FilthyWhore 16687
17 wantlieswiththat 16603
18 blamesocietyfilms 16569
19 RyanLeslieTV 16506
20 abbegirl 16353

Compare that with the Top 20 today. You will see that there are now 4 corporate entities in the list: Universal Music Group, CBS, pop singer Ashley Tisdale and rock group Linkin Park. Many have complained that it is harder to get noticed now, with all the corporate channels and people who post nothing but TV show clips, sports clips and porn advertisements. If you look at YouTube's Most Viewed Videos lists, that is mainly what you will see.

Still, there is great amateur content being uploaded to YouTube. The service is still free, the audience is even larger, and some bugs and other annoyances on the site have been fixed. YouTube is still a great site!

Most Viewed Non-Corporate VideosFor those people who are looking for great content produced by regular people, we continue to spotlight those videos in this blog. We also now offer the Most Viewed NonCorp Videos list. On that site, you will find YouTube's Most Viewed videos from Today, This Week or This Month - but with the corporate produced channels filtered out. The filtering is done by you! Next to each video is a "Flag this channel as corporate!" button. Click that button for channels that do not have content made by regular people. If it is a politician's channel, a TV channel's channel, or a channel with nothing but anime, TV clips, soccer matches, cricket, scantily clad women or the like - click the Flag button! The list has been up for about a month and we've already filtered out almost 600 channels! New corporate channels appear on YouTube every day, so please help us filter it out of our list; thanks!

Now, here are three videos from three interesting and entertaining people. I just recently found them on YouTube and I've subscribed to all three! You should too. Enjoy the videos!

Re: I need help with the Females

Made by: LGFiLM
Rating: 3.76
Views: 75622
Comments: 703
Category: Comedy
Here is a video from 15-year-old UK lass Lauren who uses the name of LGFiLM on YouTube. Lauren is replying to KevJumba's video asking for advice about girls. Listen closely, Lauren has a British accent and the sound volume is a bit low. Lauren is entertaining as she makes faces and hand gestures; she has a great bubbly personality! Also watch Lauren Attempts American accent! and this video where she sings a Commodores song. Watch more videos of Lauren singing live at this channel.
Please subscribe to Lauren!

About Me

Made by: kyoxaizawa13
Rating: 5.00
Views: 96
Comments: 6
Category: People & Blogs
Meet 16-year-old Meagan from Maine, a Harry Potter fan who uses the YouTube name kyoxaizawa13. Meagan has recently been doing some fun makeup product reviews. She is smart and very natural on camera. Last week, she did a review of Telescopic: Carbon Black which ended up on the Most Viewed list. It's already had 150 Thousand views!
Please subscribe to Meagan!

To Be a Youtube Celebrity

Made by: hayleyghoover
Rating: 4.84
Views: 6997
Comments: 177
Category: Comedy
Have a look at lively and intelligent teen Hayley who uses the YouTube name hayleyghoover. Hayley, also a Harry Potter fan, makes funny and entertaining skit videos. In this video, she is "making fun of NoHoGirls, Lonelygirl15, WilliamSledd, Brookers, Boh3m3 and TheHill88, with references to charlieissocoollike, thewinekone, danielbeast, HappySlip and smosh." She is a talented and creative videomaker; I've enjoyed every video that I've watched by Hayley! Be sure to watch In Defense of My "Life" and Pros and Cons of Being Female - both are witty and well written, performed and edited!
Please subscribe to Hayley!

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