Friday, February 08, 2008


Are you a parent?

Parents, please read these two articles that I recently wrote for the LookingForClues website. One is titled "Prescription Drug Abuse - A Parent's Guide" and the other is titled "Sex on YouTube - A Parent's Guide." They are both short but informative articles and contain information that you need to know!

Here are the article descriptions from the LookingForClues website:

Have you talked to your kids about the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse? Teen drug use is down for most drugs, but Prescription Drug Abuse is on the rise. Heath Ledger just died from an overdose of Prescription Drugs. Make sure your child knows the dangers of Prescription Drugs. Read our article titled
Prescription Drug Abuse - A Parent's Guide to learn the facts, then speak to your kids about this important topic!

Beware of This!
Do your kids watch videos on YouTube? As a parent, you should know that YouTube is more than just clips of funny cats and laughing babies. There are many things on YouTube that your children should not see. Read our article titled
Sex On YouTube - A Parent's Guide and learn about the seamy side of YouTube from a man who has been writing about YouTube for almost two years.

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