Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!

There are many videos on YouTube for and about Valentine's Day. Here's a link to a list of them. Find someone to love today and give them a hug, send them an email, IM them, or just leave a nice comment on one of their videos. We love all our readers; thanks for visiting YouTubeStars! :)

One piece of news, then we'll watch some videos. There is an interesting debut this week on the Weekly Top 100 Chart. No, I'm not talking about Barack Obama, although his BarackObamaDotCom channel did debut this week at number 86. I'm talking about MRirian, a young Japanese lady who often does very little in her videos - many times she doesn't even talk. Why is everyone watching and subscribing? Because Miss Magibon looks exactly like a real life Anime Character! She has huge eyes, a small pointed chin and an adorable smile. If you haven't seen her, follow the link above - or visit the Top 100 Chart and click on her, she's number 100 this week. See why she has over 23 Thousand subscribers and over One Million Profile views!

Now, here are a few videos that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day! Enjoy them anyway. :p

Who is Kina Grannis? Kina is a talented young singer/songwriter/guitarist who recently won a major contest with huge exposure! Here's the scoop from Kina's Profile:

Doritos Crash the SuperBowl WINNER!
- what ARE you??? half japanese :)
- what kind of guitar do you have? taylor 814-ce
- where are you from? orange county, ca
- how old are you? contrary to what you might think, i'm 22,
not 16 :)

- do you have any cds? yes, they can be purchased from or on itunes!

- how can i contact you? *not* via youtube messaging,
preferably. it's gotten very backed up and it's hard for me to keep track of
messages on there. i do my best to respond, but it's difficult and slow. so this
is better:
*OR* comment on my blog
/blog/index.html and i will try to respond in the next post!

if you're looking to buy some cds, you can find me on itunes
or order them from my website:

Who is Kina Grannis?

Made by: kinagrannis
Rating: 4.94
Views: 13110
Comments: 133
Category: Music
This video is a montage of clips from other videos, along with information about Kina and the Doritos Supper Bowl contest that she WON! Kina is beautiful but she is also smart and talented. Watch this video and meet Kina!

Gotta Digg

Made by: kinagrannis
Rating: 4.75
Views: 376739
Comments: 1065
Category: Music
This is such a catchy tune! Kina sings the verses and harmonizes with her two sisters on the chorus. Warning! This song will be stuck in your head. Listen anyway, it's great!

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The Mystery of Beauty

Made by: doctorcastille
Rating: 4.93
Views: 1053
Comments: 50
Category: Music
Okay, here's a video that has a little something to do with Valentine's Day. It's about beauty. Studies have shown that people are more likely to rate a face as beautiful if the person depicted has clear skin and symmetrical features. This is an indication to our subconscious brain that the person is healthy and would most likely be a good mate to raise a family with. If you use computer technology to morph together a bunch of real people's faces, you'll get an averaging of features which creates a composite with symmetrical features. People will most likely rate this composite as beautiful. Watch the video for more!

The Future Is Showing (song)

Made by: periurban
Rating: 4.68
Views: 387
Comments: 45
Category: Music
PeriUrban just keeps on making cool music videos! This one features Peri singinging his original song as he plays along on his acoustic guitar - but wait, there's more! Peri always sings and plays his guitar, but this time he added a very cool electric guitar track that adds a real rockin' kick to the tune. His singing is strong; it starts out mellow enough, but then Peri gets loud and raspy - driving home his point that the videomaking community is always changing as time goes by. Please keep checkng back here at YouTubeStars for the latest in what's going on in the YouTube community; thanks!

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