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Second San Francisco YouTube Gathering

As mentioned in our last post, the second San Franciso YouTube Gathering took place last weekend. There have been many videos uploaded that show what happened at the event. Here is a collection of some of the best videos of this YouTube Gathering.

First, an interesting new item. It has just been reported that Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, recently stated that live streaming video would be added to the list of featured offer by YouTube by the end of this year. Of course, these capability is already available to users of StickAm and LiveVideo. In fact, I watched parts of the live feed of the event on LiveVideo last weekend! I put up the link to this live feed in our last post; I hope you got a chance to check in and see what was happening! Live streaming video is just another reason to sign up with LiveVideo, even if you already have a YouTube account. Please click on the blue "Less Tube. More You!" ad in the upper left corner of this page to go to LiveVideo.

In one of the videos below, a new website is mentioned - TubeCloud. Go there and enter a YouTube channel name and it goes in the cloud. The more people that enter that channel, the bigger the tag in the cloud. Its basically a tag cloud of YouTubers. Click here to nominate my YouTube channel on TubeCloud. Here's another person to nominate on TubeCloud, TiffanyJoAllen. She's a rising YouTubStar singer that we've mentioned here before.

Now, on to the San Francisco YouTube Gathering Video! (Beware of language in some of these videos!)

YouTube in Real Life

Made by: smpfilms
Rating: 4.80
Views: 61681
Comments: 929
Category: Travel & Events
Description: Support the community! Leave a comment.

LINKS TO THE VIDEOS (in order of appearance):
board4buster -
boredtodelusion -
KweenHuman -
mmmmmmmlate -
WestCoastUninc -
aajmw -
Castaa -
VivaLaLaurennn -
pcrudup -
SockySockman -
thetalesend -
noiinme -
SamProof -
olgakay -

Pier 39 in San Francisco for providing us with the excellent service and location!

Blue and Gold Fleet (OUR TOUR BOAT)
for giving us a free ride on the bay!

AND OF COURSE... YouTube for bringing us the shirts!

This one features Steve Chen and Renetto's first man kiss:

The is the guy who sang that Britney Spears song:

Here's another good video interview with the Sock guy and more clips from the boat:

How do you like OlgaKay? San Francisco YOUTUBE Gathering

As One Gathering: San Francisco 2008!

Made by: Castaa
Rating: 4.77
Views: 1375
Comments: 38
Category: Travel & Events
Description: I talk with YouTubers about haters and highlights from the event.

Seen in this video:
Steve Chen
Mr. Safety

Saturday, YouTube Gathering in the Rain

Made by: kenrg
Rating: 4.97
Views: 2226
Comments: 83
Category: Travel & Events
Description: Footage from the Second Annual "As One" San Francisco YouTube gathering on Pier 39, February 23, 2008. It was windy and raining, but Mr Safety found us a covered place near the rear of the pier to hang out and meet each other. This video includes a talk with YouTube founder Steve Chen and a few of the current YouTube staff and lot so of other random nonsense.

Who's in this video, to the best of my ability to recollect and find links:
Brian, Big Joe, and Michelle from YouTube

Check out:

Opening by:

Sunday, messing with Renetto and Oscar

Made by: kenrg
Rating: 4.95
Views: 1686
Comments: 50
Category: Travel & Events
Description: Random silliness as Tom (tlg847) and I break into Renetto's room and see what kind of trouble we can cause.

When we got tired of that, the three of us went to crash the Academy Awards party being hosted by Rotary in the hotel ballroom.

The Caissons Go Rolling Along... Viva la Revolucion!

Made by: renetto
Rating: 4.63
Views: 240
Comments: 115
Category: People & Blogs
Description: The Evolution Of the Revolution...

I spent last Friday through Monday with three good friends,
Tom (tlg847)
Ken (kenrg)
Peri (PeriUrban/UrbanBlog)

Mixed in with all the fun and socializing documented in knerg's previous three

we discussed the future of online community, the nature of
connecting through video, and building a web site based on our shared
vision of how it could be.

We are not anti-YouTube. We love this site. But we dream of something
even better, and have a plan of how to get there. Stay tuned for more
information as we're able to share it.

When companies grow, they move in different directions. That movement means others can focus on areas they've left behind. That's what we're talking about. YouTube continues to change the world. We want to change it in other ways.

Any inquires or interest in this site should be directed to until further notice...

Thanks, paul

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Hey Kenny, sorry I missed this post. Thanks for including my video the Gathering!

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