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Your Recommendations - February 2008

We get lots of messages asking us to look at YouTube channels and videos. I'll post some of the messages and videos here today. Comment on this post with YOUR favorite YouTube channels, or email me at KennyCraneATbellsouthDOTnet.

First some YouTube News. Venetian Princess (who turns 24 today, Happy Birthday!) just announced that she has been cast in a recurring role in an upcoming TV series! Congrats, Jodie!

Magibon, the real life anime character who uploads vids in the MRirian channel, jumped 7 spots in the Weekly Top 100 Chart. She just released another video, named 14, and it's 41 seconds of her looking sweetly but silently into the camera. It already has well over One Hundred Thousand views!

The Second YouTube Gathering in San Francisco is happening this weekend! Can't make it? Watch it LIVE! Chris (supricky06) is doing a Live Feed of the YouTube event on! Right now, Chris and SamProof are walking around San Fran and have just entered a Circuit City. It's 4PM Eastern time on Friday and there's about a dozen people watching right now. Tune in and check it out! If you want to chat with everyone, join LiveVideo by clicking on their ad in the upper left corner of this page. Thanks!

Now, on with the show. Here are some messages we've recently received from YouTubers telling us about YouTubers that they enjoy watching. I am passing these recommendations on to You! Check these people out!

The first message comes from Obedient Waves, a musical duo of Billy and Joanna who describe their style as Garage Rock. Since I love 1960s Garage Rock, I decided to check them out. They don't sound '60s but they are pretty good singers. Here's their message to me, followed by a video of one of their performances:

Hi Kenny...
YouTube Stars! What a great idea for a blog. We love it. However, there is one small problem. Where's mention of Obedient Waves and our weekly YouTube series, ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT? Surely you could not have overlooked the most smokin' garage rock on the tube... No worries. It's a big place. And it's never too late...
Have a happy holiday!Peace...
Obedient Waves

Made by: obedientwaves
Rating: 4.62
Views: 1234
Comments: 5
Category: Music

The next message comes from my good friend Sean who has always supported what we do here at YouTubeStars. Sean was involved in running the popular TubeRavers forum and now runs the SilverStains forum. Here's his message, followed by the most popular video by BexBoop878, his recommendation.

gotta say, there's plenty of singers on yt who have impressed me...but this lass has a gift!
I featured some of my fave vids of her on at
thought you might like to consider her for a mention on YTS :D
Anyway, hope you have a great xmas, and incredible new year!

No one - Alicia Keys
Made by: bexboop878
Rating: 4.39
Views: 414001
Comments: 2742
Category: Music

Here's a recommendation all the way from Denmark. Anna raves about Debbje in this message, followed by Debbje singing "Bitch," which is her most popular vid.

HEY Kenny!
Anna from Denmark here!
I took the pen to write to you how great I find your blog about youtube!since I am a big youtube watcher I always enjoy spending some time reading what you write or point out.
I was reading just before your interview of Jennifer Newberry and although I think her voice and style is nothing bad I felt the urge to suggest to you that there is another songwriter on youtube that(in my modest opinion)was much more worth an interview and some space on your blog.
Her youtube channel is and I do believe she has the Xfactor: amazing voice, original songs that could really make it to the big audience,good looks and a kind of artistic way of presenting herself.
Well I have said too much,but who knows, maybe you want to have a watch and get her featured in your blog?

it was nice to talk to you
Greetings from cold Copenhagen

Debbje is an Alpha Kitty singing BITCH by Meredith Brooks
Made by: debbje
Rating: 4.32
Views: 34208
Comments: 217
Category: Music

Amy writes to say that she sees that we take recommendations, and she has one for us who is similar to someone we recently featured here. Read what she says about BabyPorridge then watch the vid she recommends in her message:

Mr. Crane,
In your blog I saw a post where you took recommendations. I'd like to point out a girl i've watched grow on youtube. Her channel is .
She's quirky and intelligent, and is somewhat like Hayleyghoover who you featured in your latest post, except that Nikki (babyporridge's real name) is also a singer-songwriter. Her latest video "THIS IS NOT A SONG, THIS IS AMBITION" is a cute, introspective look at her old ambitions, and she performs an original piece in that clip too. The editing is very crisp.
I also recommend this video -
Most of her collection is an interesting blend of spunk and a maturity beyond her years.
Thanks for your time.
-Amy R.

Made by: babyporridge
Rating: 4.88
Views: 5334
Comments: 209
Category: People & Blogs

We already have more recommendations in the queue but we'll stop here for now. If YOU know of a great YouTuber that you want to tell the world about, please comment about them on This Post, or email me at KennyCraneATbellsouthDOTnet and I'll get them in a future post, right here on YouTubeStars!

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