Monday, March 03, 2008


YouTube is Wrong!!!

YouTube has not updated its Most Subscribed List for the past Two Weeks!
They have old subscriber numbers, and people have moved up and down the chart since then.

Please visit our Weekly Top 100 Chart for an ACCURATE listing of the Top 100 channels on YouTube, along with the RIGHT subscribers numbers and accurate reporting of moves up and down the chart.

YouTube's WRONG chart:

Our ACCURATE chart:

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haha thewinekone is not even on the most subscribed list - all time on youtube. he is on the most subscribed list - partners.

YouTube is Wrong! Thewinekone should be #14 Most Subscribed All Time this week, just like our Top 100 Chart reports. Just look at his subscribers number on his Profile. There are other partners that are on both the Partners List and the All List; Smosh is one example.

As I said in the post, YouTube is Wrong and we are Accurate and Right!

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