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New Summer Vids from Old Friends

Here are a bunch of new videos from people we have written about before. We'll start off with a video from Renetto about the new video sharing community for vloggers - For more information on VloggerHeads, see out VloggerHeads blog.
VloggerHeads: Under Seige!

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Made by: renetto
Rating: 4.01
Views: 4231
Comments: 236
Category: People & Blogs

If you 18 or older and would like to take part in an interactive online community experiment... please send us an email and we'll send you an invitation to the party.

OlgaKay made a fun collab with a few other YT ladies on Internet Crushes. They discuss guys they like. Watch and enjoy as they interact!
Internet Crush

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Made by: olgakay
Rating: 4.53
Views: 79360
Comments: 648
Category: Comedy

Our Ladies
AnnSpade aka Ann
Spricket24 aka Karen
SupaDupaFlyGirl aka Liz
BeanerLaRue aka Deena
xgobobeanx aka Jill



Our crushes
Charles Trippy
Mr. Safety
Happy Slip


CelestialSam is an up-and-coming actress who is making increasingly intricate videos as she practices her craft. Here's a recent one on the topic of "madness" and "murder" !!!
Kiss Off

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Made by: celestialsam
Rating: 4.93
Views: 1144
Comments: 73
Category: People & Blogs

I need someone
A person to talk to
Someone who'd care to love
Could it be you
Could it be yo-ou
The situation gets rough,
And I start to panic
It's not enough
It's just a habit
And, kid, you're sick
Darling, this is it
Well you can all just kiss off into to the air
Behind my back
I can see that stare
They'll hurt me bad but I won't mind
They'll hurt me bad they do it all the time
I take one one one cause you left me And two two two for my family
And three three three for my heartache And four four four for my headaches
And five five five for my lonely
And six six six for my sorrow
And seven seven for no tomorrow
And eight eight I forget what eight was for
But nine nine nine for the lost gods
Ten ten ten ten for everything everything everything

Well you can all just kiss off into to the air
Behind my back
I can see that stare
They'll hurt me bad but I won't mind
They'll hurt me bad they do it all the time

Livingpassion recently uploaded a video in which she recited an enjoyable original poem, as she has often done before. This time, PeriUrban decided to set the words to music! Livingpassion responds to his value-added video by covering Peri's song. She sings her lyrics to his tune, pretty cool!
Re: Re: I Think We Should... (song)

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Made by: livingpassion
Rating: 4.60
Views: 384
Comments: 31
Category: People & Blogs

The singing comes AFTER the blabbing haha.

Here's my vocal interpretation of your beautiful song Peri. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I was flattered beyond belief.

Lyrics by Stefani Waters
Music by Peri Urban
Original song:

UndiscoveredJulie is back with a skit featuring her character "Totally Claire." Claire will teach you how to be confident! Very funny and creative, watch and enjoy!
Totally! Confidence!

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Made by: UndiscoveredJulie
Rating: 4.66
Views: 2850
Comments: 56
Category: Howto & Style

Totally! Claire! totally has the haps for you all. Lack confidence? Learn 4 easy steps that will lead you to sure-fire confidence! Totally Claire is totally there for you ('cause Totally Claire cares).

Artemisbell has made hundreds of cool dance videos. She plays a popular song and then films herself dancing with high energy to the beat. Always graceful and stylish, here is a recent dance from artemisbell. Be sure to also watch the animated tribute response video!
A-Ha Take On Me dance

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Made by: artemisbell
Rating: 4.93
Views: 3370
Comments: 75
Category: Howto & Style

Having Fun. Improvisation. This is not an easy song to dance to...hahaha
I had been wanting to dance to this song for a long time, but hesitated because of my doubts about being able to pull it off. I finally said to myself,''Just dance, I don't have to post it"!

Honors for this video (2)
#58 - Top Favorites (This Month) - Howto & Style
#73 - Top Rated (This Month) - Howto & Style

Juststircrazy is one of the great new vloggers on YouTube. But her vids are more than vlogs, they are creative mini-movies; well written, acted, filmed and edited. Don't get the idea that Juststircrazy is an actor, she is very real. Check out this video about what Dance is, in her opinion.

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Made by: Juststircrazy
Rating: 5.00
Views: 593
Comments: 30
Category: Entertainment

*Contrary*, not 'contradictory'. *Positivity*, not 'positively'...
This writing was a very brief & raw, unedited daily journal entry I wrote five minutes before turning it into a video. I've expanded on it greatly and edited, but this is just a silly little vid for you at the end of a great day. It was time to post, so I whipped it up. The vid itself could use some help, too, but I don't have patience for such things. All my love, Friends~Audra xo

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