Friday, September 26, 2008


Post 132

YouTubeStars is one of the oldest and longest running commentaries on YouTube! This is our 132nd post. We've been writing about excellent YouTubers and their videos since May, 2006. Here's 4 more entertaining vids for your viewing pleasure!

But first, The News! As you can see from the widget at the top of the page, Nigahiga is now the Most Subscribed channel! Smosh has been at the top of The Chart since the week of 4/29/2007 when they dethroned LonelyGirl15. Let's see how long Nigahiga holds the top spot. Fred is still rapidly gaining subscribers. Will he be #1 soon? Keep your eyes on The Chart!

Speaking of widgets, you can get a copy of the "YouTube's Most Popular Channels" widget for YOUR website too! Also check out our Total Video Views widget used by Top YouTubers like HotForWords and VenetianPrincess. Get yours today, at!


OlgaKay is a rising YouTubeStar! She's up to 16,529 subscribers and almost 2 Million Total Video Views! In this video, Olga tries to play Mario Cart on her Wii but keeps getting interrupted by friends telling her about the YouTube Insight feature. Check out this cool collab and see who Olga's Guest Stars are!
Youtube has this thing called...

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: olgakay
Rating: 4.79
Views: 15515
Comments: 276
Category: People & Blogs


MY Wii ID number is

Cordayrox is a wonderful young singer who has posted many entertaining music videos. She is back with her friend Amy, singing a duet of the song "White Flag." They are really good!
"White Flag" for the second time (:

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: cordayrox
Rating: 4.87
Views: 1973
Comments: 100
Category: Music

Me and amy
oh yes you'd better believe it.

and YES the high part's too loud, but tbh we can't be arsed to re-record it, so try and deal with it please (:

and i haven't posted a video in a million years I KNOW, and that's cos i thought my mic was broken. it wasn't, i was just being a retard.

YsabellaBrave is one of the best singers on YouTube. She started out by making music videos of her singing old Standards like Caberet, Travellin' Man, All Shook Up and many more. Lately she has posted excellent music vids of her original songs. In this film, posted on her talk channel, she discusses Hecklers and haters. If you've been affected by rude internetters, you'll want to listen to this vid:
HECKLERS are garbage

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: ysabellabravetalk
Rating: 4.67
Views: 5153
Comments: 268
Category: People & Blogs

Yes I said it.

+Ysabella Brave p.s. the beginning song is "Such a Quiet Man Remix".

OMGitsLucy814 is one of the great new young vloggers on YT. She has made vlogs about Twilight and Harry Potter, talked about news of the day, and told us about her summer vacation. But this time, she does a funny and creative skit about how NOT to get featured on YouTube. Enjoy the show! Also be sure to check out Lucy on the ThoseSevenGirls collab channel.
How NOT to get featured on YouTube

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: OMGitsLucy814
Rating: 4.91
Views: 161
Comments: 22
Category: People & Blogs

a parody of charlie's video :)


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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Guys: Singing, Satire, Comedy, Health Foods

Here's 4 videos from 4 male YouTubeStars! We'll see a man give a German language lesson in a song. We'll watch Renetto explain his latest attempt at Satire. PeriUrban will present a comedy skit about VloggerHeads. Finally, we'll learn about inexpensive healthy foods from a video that portrays a woman showing her cocoanuts as it's icon image!

First, the News! Is Smosh about to lose the top spot on the YouTube Top 100 Chart? Both nigahiga and Fred are making a run at the number 1 position. Check the chart every Monday morning to see who's the Most Subscribed YouTuber!

Dozens of websites are now using the TotalVideoViews widget. Get one for YOUR website, now! HotForWords, VenetianPrincess, OlgaKay, OliviaThai and many others use the widget on their websites. YOU should, too!

In her latest video, KristaHeartzuz announces a contest! She needs you to rap for an upcoming video. Go watch and she'll explain it to you!

Now, on with the show!

Here's JC Van Luyn and his dog Kaiser on the jcvanluyn channel with a fun, yet educational video. Watch this one and learn some simple German phrases. He doesn't mention it, but you might like to know that "Ein Bier, Bitte" could come in handy at Oktoberfest. Like what you see and hear? Watch more excellent music videos on the jcvanluyn channel!
Learn German With JC & Kaiser (Guten Morgen Guten Tag)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: jcvanluyn
Rating: 4.89
Views: 13149
Comments: 649
Category: Education

Lyrics & Music by JC Van Luyn
Story Behind Song: Many of many firsts for me. My first to write a song in German (1hr). My first to sing a song in German. My first to have Kaiser sit for as long as 5 mins XD (that's why you see me singing to him, a way of me saying "stay, sit" while singing). Searching youtube to better my Deutsch, I found out there weren't any Learn German through songs, so I decided to write one=) Germany has been great to me. Beautiful Country, rich in history and kind people. This is my way of paying it forward of having the world learn a little more Deutsch through song. I just hope the Native Deutsch speakers are forgiving=) Danke Schon to my German friends Arnold and Dagmar who have helped me with the translations and with my attempted pronunciation! tc, JC.


JCV Originals:
JCV Covers:
"what you hear is what you get, No garageband, No pro tools, No reverb, No audio editing..NO Time! maybe I'm just lazy=)
NO better Subscribers than JC & Kaiser Subscribers=)


Copyright ??2008 Lyrics & Music by JC Van Luyn. All rights reserved. No unauthorized use of this song or lyrics is permitted without the author's permission.

Renetto did a short series of Political Satire videos last week. Did you think he was serious when he said you would be selling your soul to the Devil if you voted for Obama? How about when he said the Democrats were happy about the hurricane heading to New Orleans during the Republican Convention? It was Satire, people! Many people didn't think so. Watch and let Renetto explain it all.
Satire Vs Satanism

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: renetto
Rating: 3.77
Views: 10419
Comments: 319
Category: News & Politics

The biggest issue that faces Americans is not being addressed by either candidate. The truth is, it can't be. This issue is in our hands and until we do something about, don't expect any real "change" coming out of Washington.

G-Damn Democrats

Obama sells his Soul to the Devil

The Radical Religion of Barack Osama

Gustav: The Breath of Satin

Don Fowler + Michael Moore = Gustav

What the heck is VloggerHeads? Check out the unofficial blog and find out! Or just watch as co-founder PeriUrban tries to get you to visit, or maybe run away from, the new site for vloggers. Has someone been smoking something funny? Maybe he's been listening to too much 60's rock. These's something strange going on, watch and see!
Vloggerheads THE TRUTH!

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: periurban
Rating: 4.62
Views: 487
Comments: 52
Category: Comedy

Eye witnesses.

Okay gentlemen, stop staring at the video icon and click the play button on this one. Maybe you'll learn something important! Joe, a nutritionist on the psychetruth channel is going to tell you about 10 inexpensive foods that are very healthy for you! Click the Play button and take the first step to a more fit you!
Top 10 Cheap Health Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: psychetruth
Rating: 4.83
Views: 15695
Comments: 59
Category: Howto & Style

Be My Friend

Joe's website

Top 10 Cheap Health Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin

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Top 10 Worst Foods

Top 10 Worst Drinks

Top 10 Fridge Food Budget Basics

Top 10 Pantry Food Budget Basics

Top 10 Energy Zappers

Better Body Clinical Nutrition
Joe Stickland, A.C.N
Applied Clinical Nutritionist

This video was produced by Psychetruth

Copyright 2008 Better Body Clinical Nutrition. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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