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People Helping People

We all know that YouTube has its share of self-serving attention whores and obnoxious rude haters, but there are plenty of good people there too! Let's have a look at some of the good things happening on YouTube. Here is just a small sample of people helping people.

But first, The News! We've been writing about current and future YouTubeStars for Three Years now! A lot has changed. Many of the popular people from YouTube's early days aren't even on the site anymore. But there are always new and interesting people coming along to keep us intrigued and entertained. We have written about many of the up and coming musicians on YouTube, and there is a channel that has been interviewing many of the people that we have written about. I'm referring to YouTraxTV. Michael Boyce does a great job of regularly interviewing YouTube musicians and puts the resulting videos on his website, These are in depth interviews often lasting 10 minutes and more! He has interviewed people we have written about, like TiffanyJoAllen, AngelicaV1, KristaHeartzuz and SavannahSings.
YouTraxTV supports and promotes YouTube Musicians just like us. Support YouTraxTV by Subscribing to their channel!

Angelica Vasilcov, AngelicaV1 (5,270,911 Video Views), is doing very well in the MusicMogul contest! Her "Superwoman by Alicia Keys" Is in the 4 Top Rated videos. The top 4 highest rated performers get to compete on the world-famous Sunset Strip in front of a live panel of experts from all areas of the music industry, including Grammy-winning producer, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. The winner of the live competition will receive a demo deal with Darkchild Productions. Register at MusicMogul and vote for Angelica! For more info, watch this video.

Celeste Kellogg, CelesteMusic5 (136,997 Video Views), is in the upcoming movie - "Much Ado About Middle School." Watch the trailer on her MySpace page. Celeste tells me, "There were two lead roles and I had one of them and their are about 6 musical numbers in the movie. I also recorded 5 songs on the soundtrack --- I had a blast --- For more information you can go to They will release updates on the movie." Now in post-production, the movie also has its own website. Looks like a pretty cool movie, congrats Celeste!

And now, watch these videos!

ShaneDawsonTV (17,746,076 Video Views), who moved up 5 positions to number 42 last week on our Top 100 Chart, has a vlog channel where he posts "behind the scenes videos and some special extras." This rising YouTubeStar is using his popularity to help other talented but lesser known YouTubers become the next YouTubeStar! Shane made this video showing some of the people he likes on YouTube, and asked for commenters to suggest their favorite lesser known YouTubers. He has received about 10 Thousand comments so far. Even better, he requested video responses, asking people to showcase their best stuff. So far, he as about 5000 video responses. Check some of them out!

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: ShaneDawsonTV2
Rating: 4.87
Views: 216761
Comments: 9772
Category: Comedy

SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!! :) & leave a comment tellin me who you think is the next big thing on youtube!



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SamProof is taking over the Battle of the YouTube NonStars, originally produced by JenLuv37. Nominations for Season 3 are closed after Sam got loads of response to the contest following this video being Featured on YouTube. Check it out and vote when the Battle begins. For more info, visit Sam's Failpire site.
Battle of the Youtube Nonstars 3 - Nominations Closed

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Made by: SamProof
Rating: 4.07
Views: 33704
Comments: 223
Category: People & Blogs

Check out (a special event for the 24 nominees with the least subscribers who have original videos up)

Thank you all for your nominations.
I never expected youtube to feature this, and I've gotten in 24 hours enough nominations to run about 20 of these.

Nominations are officially closed at this point. (9pm pst, May 7th) I'm adding all the nominations to a list at:

Please spread the word - give lesser known tubers a chance to shine!

Check out the previous Nonstar episodes at

For more information check out the nonstars section on

keep an eye on my stickam as well.
I'll be doing live portions of the event there

Julia, thefalsetruths, is shaving her head for a children's cancer charity. She has already surpassed her goal of raising $1000 with the help of SxePhil who mentioned her on one of his videos, at 2:30. She her original video and her update video on this charity event. Now here is Julia doing a fun video in which she sings into a hairbrush, enjoy!!!
Jenny And Jonny

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Made by: thefalsetruths
Rating: 4.50
Views: 702
Comments: 9
Category: Music

i love this song, and well got bored

Here's an update from Cara/Crystal on the CaraOfficialpage channel. She helped us by mentioning our Top 100 Chart and now I'm helping her by showing this video! Be sure to check out her excellent and very catchy music video for her Original Song, Frozen Heart, I love it!
Latest News, Video Blog from Cara/Crystal

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Made by: CaraOfficialpage
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Category: People & Blogs

I haven't posted a video for such a long time, that's why i decided to make a blog vid, to let you now what's going on...

special thanks to Kenny from Youtubestars!!
and bless you Mahmoud!! (MzO)

check it out:

*The Fabulous Life*

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