Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michael Jackson Tribute Videos

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 at the age of 50 as a result of cardiac arrest. Rest In Peace, Michael. Fans from all over the world have been mourning the loss of the "King of Pop." Many have made Tribute Videos on YouTube.

Michael Jackson was a star as a child, as a member of the Jackson 5. But he became a superstar through the brilliant use of a new media, music videos. It is fitting that many of his fans are using the new media of YouTube videos to express their feelings about the death of Michael Jackson.

Here are a bunch of videos that document people's reaction to the death of Michael Jackson, and tributes to him, which I have found in my subscriptions list over the last few days.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Originals and Cover Songs

There are many talented musicians on YouTube! Some have already made it in the music industry while others are still hoping for their big break. Today we'll have a look at 5 videos from YouTube musicians who have all the skills needed to have a successful career - they just need to be signed and managed by record comapany to become household names!

But first, the News! Our friend Marina, HotForWords, is about to hit 200 Million Total Video Views on YouTube! Congrats to our smart and sexy YouTubeStar buddy who proudly shows her Total Video Views count near the Top of her Website using our Total Video Views widget.

We would like to thank our newest user of our Total Video Views widget, MistoAndPizzi. They added the widget just today and it shows that they have nearly 13 Million Total Video Views, congrats to them! Add the Total Video Views widget to Your Website, Today!

Do you Twitter? It's a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and business contacts. You can also use it to announce your latest YouTube video! Here are three links to Twitter websites.

First, check out TweetJunction, a Social Community of Twitter Tweeters! Upload pics and videos, or create content like blogs, groups and events directly on the site - and tweet it with their unique Tweet It button! Join today, it's FREE!

Next, visit TwitterTwilight - A place to see what people are Tweeting about the Twilight series of Books and Movies! Find out the latest about Bella and Edward and the stars that play them in the movies - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattenson. This is the place to visit for everything about Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series - Twitter Tweets, Video clips, News, and Links to buy the Books and DVDs. Check it out!

Finally, you may be skeptical about Twitter, wondering if you should bother creating a Twitter account. Please read this funny article by a Twitter skeptic and see if you agree or disagree.

Have you visited our Top 100 Weekly Chart this week? There was no movement in the Top 10 this week, but there were a few big movers. Go see who is moving up and down the chart!
Click to see the Chart!

And now, watch these videos:


Our friend MaryAnne, YsabellaBrave, is back with a singing video! This popular YouTube musician has been suffering from Fibromyalgia (FMS) lately, see this video. "Beautiful" is a powerful original song that gets across the emotions that MaryAnne has been feeling lately. Watch and enjoy this strong and inspiring video!


Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: ysabellabrave
Rating: 4.85
Views: 3416
Comments: 254
Category: Music

Enjoy my brothers and sisters +YB

I tore up the shadows
In a beautiful way
The night was exhausted
what a beautiful day
Had His reasons
But needed a place to go
everything has its' season...
you know?
Such a beautiful time
to move the light
What if I was born wrong?
Maybe just right!
Maybe all of the trouble
Wasn't worth all the trouble...
Maybe all of the pain was the worth the pain?
Just wanted it to be so beautiful like this...
Maybe it is just so beautiful like this...
He showed me the right from wrong, the magic that's in a song
Tough work for the strong!
It's justice that He's bringing.
It's hidden inside a song. No one's stuck in the middle...
the battle is already won.

?? 2009 All rights reserved Ysabella Brave

Cordelia, Cordayrox, is so young but such an amazing singer! She has uploaded great covers of "I'm Yours", "Cry Me A River", and "This Is The Life". Cordelia also writes and performs original songs. Here is one she just released. Check it out, it's really good!

"all we were" original by cordelia alyssa

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: cordayrox
Rating: 4.90
Views: 3382
Comments: 174
Category: Music

leave me feedback and stuff guys :)
yess it is me playing the piano, yes i recorded this myself, i used garageband and my pro plus 88 keyboard, and the backing vocals were already in there, no i am not lipsyncing to myself, what would be the point in that :L

the slightly better recorded version of this is on my myspace:, along with my other song :)
thankss x

AllisonBrustofski is a talented young lady who has had a taste of fame. She is the voice of popular Nick Jr. character Piper O'Possum. In this video, she sits in her bathroom and sings a great version of the 1954 classic, "Sway." No music, just Allison sing a capella, check it out!

Allison Brustofski - Sway

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: AllisonBrustofski
Rating: 3.99
Views: 67841
Comments: 465
Category: Music

Allison Brustofski sings "Sway" :) Allison is the voice of Piper O'Possum, the beloved former host of Nick Jr. on Nickelodeon TV. This song was originally made famous by Dean Martin in 1954, and was most recently a hit by the Pussycat Dolls. Ali is now 15 and she'll be recording a lot more songs for YouTube, so please stay tuned!

4/15/09 - Honors for this video (13)
#58 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Australia
#56 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Canada
#38 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - United Kingdom
#48 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Ireland
#89 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - India
#25 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - New Zealand
#59 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Israel
#62 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music
#57 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - South Korea
#80 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Netherlands
#33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Hong Kong
#20 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Taiwan
#52 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Czech Republic

"Yes, I am sitting in the bathroom. I just liked the sound in there ... Please, someone let me out!"
Ali :)

Thanks for watching!
If you enjoyed this video, please rate it, comment, and subscribe! Visit Allison's Channel for more ...

Alyssa Bernal, hchsknights08, is one of the most popular musicians on YouTube! She is Number 66 on the Top 100 Weekly Chart this week, with over 140 Thousand subscribers. Watch her fabulous cover of the Lady GaGa hit, "P-P-P-Poker Face" and you'll understand why she is a YouTubeStar!

P-P-P-Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: hchsknights08
Rating: 4.81
Views: 214218
Comments: 3825
Category: Music

Just getting over a cold :/ But I couldn't wait any longer. Such a fun song to cover! Hope you dig my rendition. Inspired by Lady Gaga's live version.

Enjoy :)

SingingDork88 joins up with Jane Lui to perform a sweet duet cover of the classic song, "Happy Together"! If you're a big 60s rock fan like I am, visit for some obscure but kick butt 60s rock tunes! But first, watch this delightful music video!

"Happy Together" feat. Jane Lui

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: singindork888
Rating: 4.96
Views: 39233
Comments: 447
Category: Music

Jane's Channel:
"Happy Together" by the Turtles :)
Featuring and arranged by the amazingly amazing singer songwriter (not to mention multi-instrument playing) Jane Lui - if there's anyone you should subscribe to, its HER!

Jane's LINKS:

Subscribe while you can! :0

u guys should check out the flobots and simple plan's versions of this song too.. they rock :)

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