Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Children use Web to watch videos, look up sex and porn

Hello YouTubers!

This post is directed to the parents out there, or people with young brothers or sisters. We all love YouTube, but there are many videos there that are not appropriate for young children. I have written about this in my two popular articles:

Sex on YouTube - A Parent's Guide

Sex and Porn on YouTube - A Guide For Parents

I just read this news release today which starts with the headline:

Children use Web to watch videos, look up "sex"

It talks about a study of the top 100 search terms used by youngsters to find items online. As YouTube fans like us might expect, YouTube was the top search term! The ninth most popular search term was "Fred" - the most subscribed YouTuber - as we all know by looking at the Top 100 Weekly Chart.

But the words "sex" and "porn" were also it the top 10, at number four and six respectively. The news article says:

California-based Symantec's Internet safety advocate Marian Merritt said the list showed that parents needed to be aware what their children were doing online.

"It also helps identify "teachable moments" when parents should be talking with their kids about appropriate online behavior and other issues in their kids' online lives," she said in a statement

If you are a parent or a concerned older brother or sister, you may want to read my two articles so that you are educated about the situation. Make your own decisions, based on your research, about what level of YouTube access you want to provide to your children.

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