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More Music Videos!

YouTube is a great showcase for talented musicians! Some YouTubers have been signed by recording companies, like Esmée Denters (Tennman-Interscope) and Alyssa Bernal (Star Trak-Interscope). There are many other popular YT musicians like Mia Rose, Terra Naomi, Tay Zonday, Savannah Outen, Marié Digby, YsabellaBrave and Tiffany Jo Allen. We have mentioned most of these artists here on YouTubeStars and we are always bringing you the newest Future YouTubeStars!

We'll show you 5 cool music videos this time, and we'll alternate between the ladies and gents - ladies first of course!

But first, The News!

Our friend Marina - HotForWords - has a book out on Words and Their Meanings. Buy it for just $10 at For just $15 you can get an autographed book! Visit HotForWords' website and check out the "My total video views (in real-time):" odometer widget that I created just for her. I can make you a custom one for your website too, email me!

Crystal Hope (a.k.a. Cara), who came out with the very cool techno dance tune, Frozen Heart, is back with her new single "Life." You can hear it, and Frozen Heart, on her MySpace page. Go and download "Life" here; it's a great pop song!

CelestialSam, frequent guest blogger here at YouTubeStars, is out with another cool musical lipsync masterpiece! I would show it here but she set it to "Embedding disabled by request" so here's the link: Sam acts with a stuffed Tiger as she sings a pretty French song; check it out, you'll love it!

The beautiful and talented singer Jennifer Newberry is out with a new video; its a cover of Beyonce's "Me Myself and I." In the description, Jennifer says "PLEASE VISIT MYSPACE TO HEAR FOUR NEW ORIGINAL SONGS FROM MY UPCOMING ALBUM "INSPIRATION FROM THE RAIN"

Our Featured Video this week on our YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart is Chloe Wilder's version of "I'm Yours." Chloe is young, she just turned 14. Check out her videos on her YouTube Channel; you'll like what you hear!

Now, on with the Show!

Allison Brustofski does a great cover of "Got Dynamite." With more guitar than Demi Lovato's original, Alli sings very strong and proves that she has a great Rock voice! If you like the original (and even if you don't), you will dig this video!
Me singing Got Dynamite - Demi Lovato - Cover by Allison Brustofski

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: AllisonBrustofski
Rating: 4.64
Views: 15156
Comments: 374
Category: Music

"OK, first - buy Demi Lovato's new album "Here We Go Again"! Click here to buy it on iTunes:
Got Demi? Good. Because it's amazing!

I love Demi's voice and I've wanted to cover a song of hers ever since I met her very briefly at a concert and she was so sweet to me:) "Got Dynamite" was written by Gary Clark, E. Kidd Bogart and Victoria Horn, and is probably the most rockin' song on the album. Gary also produced the song and played all the instruments. There's no way we could match the incredible job that he and Demi did on this song, so we decided to do our own 'guitar band' version.

The very talented Steve Candrilli pulled together a band just for this recording, which featured himself and his nephew Glenn Candrilli on guitars, Ronnie Crispino on bass, and Jack Squiccimarri on drums. We rehearsed once, brought the song into the studio for a few run-throughs and then hit record! The music and vocals were basically recorded live in 2 takes each. Short and sweet, but we had a lot of fun recording it!

Thanks to Steve and the band for being so nice and so good - they had never even heard the song until 2 days before we recorded it! Thanks to Max Caselnova at Clearcut Recording making us sound so good, and for making me laugh. Thanks to my Dad for all of his work on recording and editing the video. Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have subscribed to my channel! Thanks most of all to my Mom, my Dad, and my brother Connor for all of their love." Ali:)

Honors for this video (3)
#16 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music
#29 - Top Favorited (Today) - Music
#35 - Top Rated (Today) - Music

Allison Brustofski is the voice of Piper O'Possum, the beloved former host of Nick Jr. on Nickelodeon TV. Ali is 15 years old and she'll be recording a lot more songs for YouTube, so please stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!
If you enjoyed this video, please rate it, comment, favorite, and subscribe! Visit Allison's Channel for more ...

Here's something cool and totally different - Popcorn! Watch the fun video that goes with this original techno tune. See other videos by Enquvist, here.
Popcorn (Music Video)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: enquvist
Rating: 5.00
Views: 445
Comments: 17
Category: Music

Pop pop pop!
Original song.

Nowhere - I love this pleasing pop song from school buddies Keira and Ellie. According to their YouTube Channel, "VerleeRose is... Keira Verlee and Ellie Rose. We are two 15 year old singer/songwriters from Seattle, WA." Watch this music vid for their original song - it will make you smile!
Nowhere - Music Video by VerleeRose

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: VerleeRose
Rating: 4.78
Views: 2547
Comments: 71
Category: Music

No description

Robot Band - This is a strong indie punk rock tune from Galt Aureus. They have a new album out, and you can read more about it at their website. You can also watch this video which announces the album.
ROBOT BAND! From the Towers to the Ground (original song)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: sbgalt
Rating: 4.66
Views: 319509
Comments: 312
Category: Music

Download the free mp3 here:

come on, come on, they expect us to leave?
well this city is ours, just follow my lead,
first, let's dispense with any regrets,
they'll tear at your seams just to watch you bleed out.

off we go,
into this night we own,
and then, who knows?
from the towers to the ground:

hearts turn cold and lights turn out,
on these dark streets we'll bring it all down.

come on, come on, yeah, they're begging to see,
a moment, a glimpse, is this what they dream?
the molotov pirouette crashes and gleams,
the elegance and subtlety of vapors escapes me.

off we go,
into this night we own,
and then, who knows?
from the towers to the ground:

hearts turn cold and lights turn out,
on these dark streets we'll bring it all down.

well this city is ours, just follow my lead,
yeah, this city is ours, where no soul dares be seen.

More songs by sbgalt and his band Galt Aureus:

My Jeans - Celeste Kellogg recently made this cool video in a video! It starts out with Celeste hanging out with her friends and talking about her 16th Birthday. She says she wants to perform in downtown Nashville, and then she does just that in the Music Video for this excellent Pop song! Watch it now; you will be impressed at Celeste's talent!
"My Jeans" official music video (Celeste Kellogg)

Watch this video on YouTube

Made by: Celestemusic5
Rating: 4.82
Views: 5607
Comments: 277
Category: Music

The music video for my new single "My Jeans."

The song My Jeans is available on iTunes - Celeste Kellog.

Cool T- Shirts will be available this October at - (under construction)

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it!!!!

Now here are my thank yous!
The crew:
C. Blake
Brandon T.

Miss Michelle
Miss Monique
and all the other Mom's that worked on set :)

Photographers on set
John M
Mike J

Most Important
MOM & DAD I love you

And I want to thank EVERYONE that was a part of the cast! Ya'll are amazing!!!
Love you guys!!!

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You were right I adore this remake by Allison Brustofski. Perfect. I was not a huge fan of the Demi Lovato's original but this girl rocks it up and I have to say I LOVE IT! thank you for showing us this video!~!!

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