Thursday, March 04, 2010


YouTubers old and new

Four unrelated videos for you all to view. Two from old time YouTubers and two from newer members...

Michelle Waugh is a talented 15 year old singer / songwriter. She sings and plays guitar in almost 50 uploaded videos. Most are covers but she also has some great originals. Listen to this cool song and also watch the excellent one I chose as this week's Featured Video over at our YouTube Top 100 Weekly Chart.

April 10, 2009

This is an original song I wrote called "When You Smile". Please comment and subscribe if you like it. Thanks!

Kelsey Robinson is 17 years old and she loves music. She is a very good singer who makes music videos along with the occasional vlog like this one that I really enjoyed. She even made a very nice short comedy sketch about an incident in her math class. Also watch Kelsey's latest video from 2/25/2010 where she sings and plays piano on her nice original song called "Tanner", which starts at 1:34 after Kelsey catches us up on what she's been doing.

October 29, 2009

Hey thanks for all your questions, please ask for more. Go to for a free download of my cover of Paramore's Decode. Its just a one take live version I did one day, nothing amazing :] but please check it out.

Paul Robinett has been uploading videos to his Renetto channel for 4 years as of March 5th. We have written about his insightful and entertaining videos many times over the years. Paul even joined up with vlogger Tom (tlg847) to make their own video site for vloggers called VloggerHeads. Check it out, its a thriving community that has been around since the summer of 2008. I wrote about its early days, here. Watch this short thought provoking blog about life and what drives us.

February 23, 2010

Just something I was thinking about today after spending some time with a friend who is struggling with addiction.

When I first came to YouTube 5 years ago, I was looking for Goth videos. I found two homemade videos that I liked (this one and this one) and then I started coming back to YouTube regularly. I soon found LittleLoca who was among the Most Subscribed at the time. We all later found out that this was a character played by Stevie Ryan. Stevie also created the "TheRealParis" channel and that is where this fun Goth music video is posted. Enjoy!

January 25, 2010

Download "Goth Blocked" on itunes: Please leave a dark & mysterious 5 star rating (and pls comment). ♥ Faving this vid will share it and Goth Block your friends. ...
Download "Goth Blocked" on itunes:

Please leave a dark & mysterious 5 star rating (and pls comment).

♥ Faving this vid will share it and Goth Block your friends.

Beware the fun police, or join them, there is no judgment here!

By Adam Scott Franklin & Stevie Ryan
Normal guy- Tony Stockert
Normal girl- Sarah Morrison

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