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Chat Roulette - NOT for Kids!

This post is for people who are 18 years old or older. If you are not yet 18, please click here to read an excellent article I wrote about the popular Nickelodeon TV show, iCarly.

I have known about this new site for a few months now, and I've been debating about whether to write about it, or not. I am now posting on it because I want to get the word out to parents with younger kids, or people with younger brothers or sisters. If your children have access to the internet, they will more than likely hear about this site and may be interested in visiting it. Read this post and watch the 4 videos to understand what this site is about. Then decide if you want your children to visit it, or not.

ChatRoulette (CR) is a website that connects the webcam on your computer to the webcam on someone else's computer, at random. You will see and hear them, and they will see and hear you. You can also type to each other. You have no idea who's image is going to pop into the top window of the CR screen. You have no advanced warning of what they might be doing. You also have no idea if they are actually on the webcam or if they have hacked the site and are playing a pre-recorded video, which is not uncommon.

In many cases, it is fun and interesting to see who shows up to video chat with you on CR. The videos below will give you a taste of what kind of craziness goes on at CR. But please be warned! A high percentage, as high as 10% or more, of the people who will pop up in the video box will be guys who have their sexual parts exposed. This is something that you probably don't want to see yourself, and you wouldn't want your younger children or siblings seeing this. There is no way to know what will pop up in the video box. You can "Next" the person, which disconnects them and brings up a new connection in a few seconds. But you will never know what they may be doing.

Women do not expose themselves as often on CR, but there are often groups of guys using CR who encourage females they may be connected to, to flash their chest, etc. Please be aware of my main point - you never know who will randomly be connected with you when you go on CR, and what they will be doing or showing. The rules on the CR site are succinct: "Rules: 16+, clothes, report button" so if you do visit the site and see inappropriate behavior, use the Report Button!

Here are 4 videos recorded from the CR site that are very popular on YouTube right now. They will give you a taste of what goes on, on the CR site. Beware - there is some bad language in these videos.

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MeMeMolly has been on YouTube for years and lately has been making videos for the RocketBoom channel. Molly gives an introduction to the site, letting you know how to do the initial setup. It doesn't take long before Molly runs into a guy with his penis out - it occurs at 1:40 and they have blurred the scene out. Molly agrees with me; at 2:26 she says she would not recommend it for anyone under 18, or those at work.

"This video is not suitable for children" - this is the opening warning in this video. Adults may get a laugh out of 2 guys who are improvising comments and songs in response to whoever shows up in their video box. One comment they make is, "Aren't you glad we're not a couple of naked guys!" Of course they did get connected to a guy masturbating, at one point. I repeat, you might not want your kids on this website!

This video starts off by stating, "Viewer Discretion Advised, This video may contain swears" - and it does on 2 occasions. But for adults, you may be amused and impressed by the improv this man does. He sings an improvised song in response to whatever he sees in the CR video box. "Merton" of the PianoChatImprov channel just joined on March 08, 2010 and only has 2 videos so far. But he was already up to #79 on our YouTube Top 100 Weekly chart. This video has over 3 Million views in the last 6 weeks.

Ben Folds did something similar to Merton, but he did it live in front of 2,000+ people. This video starts out with the comment that "there are dirty words, ... but we edited out the penises." This video has 3.5+ Million views.

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