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4 Music Videos, 2 of the Same Song

Welcome to YouTubeStars where we write about interesting videomakers and their videos. This time, we have 4 music videos for you. Two of the four are covers of Paperweight by Joshua Radin. The other two videos are original tunes. All are by talented YouTube musicians.

Have you visited our YouTube Top 100 - A Weekly Chart of the 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Members, and our new Top 200 Weekly Chart, which has the top 200 Most Subscribed channels on YouTube? Each week we feature a video on the charts. This week's video is Michelle Waugh's cover of Paperweight, which we are also presenting here, below. Check out the Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts every week!

Featured Videos on our Weekly Charts get a few thousand views. The numbers do not appear on the videos on YouTube anymore like they once did. But our Google Analytics account shows that the Featured Video page on our charts get between 1500 and 2000 pageviews every week.

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We will be watching four Music Videos by four talented women today...

But first, The News!

Tiffany Jo Allen gave us great news this week. She made it to the next round of the Jive Records / Sony Music Six Flags contest. Tiffany will be performing at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas park in San Antonio this Wednesday, August 18th, between 4:30 and 5 PM. Go see her if you can! Congrats on your success, Tiffany Jo!

Eveliiine gave us good news too. She is in the finals of the Joepie Sonic Angel contest and needs your votes between now and the 21st of August. Watch the video and go here to vote. Congrats on making it to the finals, Eveline!

11 year old Emily Brooke is in the Colgate Country Showdown songwriter's contest and has entered her excellent original song "Wild & Free." Click the pic to watch her play it at Tootsie's in Nashville. The contest ends August 31st. Click here to vote for Emily; I did! Good luck, Emily!

Funnyman Michael Boyce of YouTraxTVNews is back with another parody of the News. He makes fun of President Obama, Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Steven Slater, Charlie Rangel, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton's wedding, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Palin, Mel Gibson, Hugh Hefner, the Hollywood Sign, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Betty White. He also has a guest star, TheHandyGoddess. Funny stuff!

Thanks for reading our news items! Now, as a reward, here's a video of a Corgi dog taking a leap off a pier like Superman and doing a belly flop. It has over a million views in its first week online. Click the pic and enjoy!

Now, watch our four Music Videos!

Lauren Goodsmith just put up a wonderful music video for a song called "Never Enough." Lauren is 17 and lives in the UK. She does an awesome job singing and playing the guitar in this ballad, beautifully filmed by her Dad Martin. This haunting song will be stuck in your head; it's great! Check it out!

Michelle Waugh is a talented 15 year old singer / songwriter who lives in California. She has a great voice and is also good at playing the guitar. Recently, she really improved the sound of her music videos. Watch her cover of Paperweight by Joshua Radin. You'll love it! Also watch her great original song "When You Smile" here.

While watching Michelle's cover of Paperweight, I saw this video's thumbnail in the Suggestions column. I clicked and I'm glad I did. This is Melanie on the mellonbaby80 channel doing a very different version of Paperweight by Joshua Radin. She is a bit quieter than Michelle, but Melanie adds a lot of expressiveness which makes this a joy to watch. I've watched it four times already!

Katie on the acoustickatie24 channel is out with a new original song. This one is "about verbally abusive relationships and finally taking back your voice and attaining the strength to walk away." It's been just over a year since her last original song "Not Enough" came out. That one now has well over a million views! Katie has a great voice that sounds as good in the loud parts as it does in the soft ones. She also plays the guitar very well. Enjoy her latest original tune!

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Monday, August 02, 2010


Music, and a vlog about Music

Is this your first time visiting YouTubeStars? Welcome! We've been writing about YouTubers and their videos for over 4 years now and we are happy you dropped by! Our numbers are in for July. Google Analytics says we had 17,752 Visits and 22,290 Pageviews last month; thanks to all our readers! These numbers show that about one in 4 of you will click through to another post on our blog. We have a lot to read here! There are nearly 200 posts and you are sure to find some new YouTubers that you have never seen before, so check out some of our older posts!

Also, our "YouTube Top 100 - A Weekly Chart of the 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Members" got 19,815 Pageviews in July. A few months ago, we launched our Top 200 Weekly Chart, which has the top 200 Most Subscribed channels on YouTube. This chart got nearly 7000 pageviews in July. So check out our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts every week!

TwHub.comWe have our own URL Shortening Service! We created to serve short URLs perfect for use on Twitter. So if you see links like and - have no fear, they are just shortened URLs to our Featured Video and Top 200 Chart. For a list of all URLs we shorten, please visit

We will be watching three Music Videos and a vlog about the Music Business today...

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 Chart and Top 200 Chart is "Mike Lombard Smackdown" by Mike Lombardo. We also feature that video in this post, below. The video is long - a little over 10 minutes. YouTube used to limit the length of an uploaded video to 10 minutes for most users. But on July 29th, YouTube announced that users can now upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. Make your best video and hope it brings you your 15 minutes of fame!

Talented vlogger and musician Eveliiine got good news this week. She is a finalist in the SonicAngel competition! The page is in the Dutch language but you can see that Eveline is at the top of the list. Congrats to a very nice and talented woman!

Now, watch these videos!

Christina Amato (anitsirhcmarie) is now uploading videos in HD, thanks to her brother's new video camera! Good things are happening for Christina, and she deserves them. Look at her recent subscriber numbers:

8/1/2010 1245
7/25/2010 1216
7/18/2010 1169
7/11/2010 1144
7/4/2010 1109
6/27/2010 1068
6/20/2010 1007
6/13/2010 949
6/6/2010 919

And then there was this news, that Christina recently tweeted:

@chrlottesays A management company found me on YouTube, and is flying me and my godfather to NYC to audition for them :D
4:36 PM Jul 26th via Echofon in reply to chrlottesays

We expect big things from Christina! We have featured a few of her videos on our Top 200 Weekly Chart and now we're happy to write about her latest video here in the blog.

Christina is 17, lives in Las Vegas, and is of Puerto Rican heritage. She sings with passion and joy; commenters have noted that she flirts with the camera. If you watch any of her 63 videos, you will surely notice a smile on your face. Christina is a vivacious young woman and it shows in her videos! Watch this and see what I mean:

Charlotte (lotteatsugar) is an 18 year old resident of Germany with a very nice singing voice. She recently uploaded "Billionaire - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (Cover)" It was Charlotte that Christina was replying to in the tweet I mentioned above. Follow Charlotte at If you like Charlotte's excellent cover of Billionaire, you'll also love the cover of Gabriella Cilmi's hit "Sweet About Me" sung with her friend Anne. It's great too!

My YouTube friend Danni wrote to tell me about this next musician, Reagan Whitehead (Reagan290). Reagan only has 4 videos up so far, but they all showcase his musical talent. He has an excellent voice and also plays guitar and the piano. Check out this killer cover of the hit "Use Somebody" by Kings Of Leon. It's from 11 months ago, but Reagan just uploaded 2 new videos that you will also want to see!

Listen just once to any of Mike Lombardo's songs and you can tell he has musical talent. But we also discovered in our interview with Mike, that he is intelligent and a really good guy! In this vlog, Mike responds to a blog he read which seemed to advocate for musicians to give away their music for free. Mike goes point by point through the blogger's arguements and states his own opinions on each claim. In my opinion, which is similar to Mike's, musicians are the owners of their musical output and should be in control of how it is released. Some may decide to give some songs away for free, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a musician selling his songs to pay his way in live and to reinvest in future musical projects if he so chooses. Listen to what Mike says in this 10 minute video and see if you agree or disagree. Mike welcomes respectful replies in the comment section.

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