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Tory Taylor Tompkins and Random Impulse

Tory Taylor Tompkins and Random Impulse are two guitar based musicians I recently discovered on YouTube. They each have an intense and captivating sound but their musical styles are quite different.

Tory Taylor Tompkins is an actress as well as a musician and if you watch her perform in her "Dames At Sea musical theatre" clip, you will be impressed! Tory exhibits a wide range of expressiveness and also showcases her singing. I have noticed that Tory seems to look a little different in all of her videos but is always confident and flashing her beautiful smile. I think her ability to strike varied poses and exude a range of emotions proves her thespian talent. Just check out the Tory collage slideshow in "Eye of a Hurricane" below.

Tory, from Texas, plays keyboards as well as guitar, and you will hear both in the 2 videos from Tory I present to you. One is a cover and the other is an original. Tory has a strong yet expressive voice which she uses to bring the song's lyrics to life. Watch 2 of her videos below then browse her 45 uploads on her YouTube channel. I expect that you will be as impressed as I am!

What do you get when you mash up Grime, Hip Hop, Rap and Metal Music? You get an Overload of sound from Random Impulse!

Random Impulse is Jovel Walker from the UK. His ability to Refix hits with his own take on the lyrics while adding a very heavy guitar sound to the mix have impressed fans and industry people alike. His "genre crossing and infectious sound soon caught the attention of the L.A based manager Chris Allen (The Collective) who also manages Superstar acts such as Kanye West, Linkin Park, Slash and The All-American Rejects." This man Rocks! See what he can do by checking out any of the 30 videos on his channel.

The four videos are below...

But first, The News!

One of our all-time favorite YouTube musicians, Tiffany Jo Allen, has traveled to Boston where she will spend the next few months recording music for her 4th CD! Click the pic to the left to watch a behind-the-scenes video and read more about this talented singer on our site, her website and YouTube channel!

We have just chosen the WINNERS of the CONTEST we did for Krista Nicole's Interview!
10 Winners were chosen but only 8 responded to my message on YouTube telling them of the good news. Therefore, I am announcing TWO more winners! Each winner will get an AUTOGRAPHED Copy of Krista's new 4 song EP/CD titled "Dreams" - produced by Tyler Ward. Click the pic to hear Krista talk about the CD.

Now, here are the YouTube channel names of our 2 NEW WINNERS!
I (KennyWrites on YouTube) will contact each of you on YouTube to ask for your name and mailing address so Krista can sign and ship your CD to you. You will have one week to write back with your name and address. If either person does not write back within a week, their CD will go to yet another runner up which we will announce here.


Now, here are four music videos That I really like!

Eye of a Hurricane ©2010 original song by Tory Taylor Tompkins

This original song shows that Tory can compose an engaging musical composition, write poetic lyrics, sing with heartfelt emotion and play expressive guitar tracks. Only a few days old and already having a few thousand views, this video tells the world that Tory is here and ready to rule! Others agree, with comments including " of the most captivating and delightful voices on YouTube Today." and "...a wonderful song with a significant message." Watch and see what everyone is talking about. Tory is taking over in 2011; watch for a full album coming this Spring!

Where I Stood Missy Higgins cover by Tory Taylor Tompkins

Tory introduces the video by telling us that this beautiful song is by the number one artist from Australia, then smiles all through her announcement that she was just made a YouTube partner; congrats, Tory!!!

Tory is looking you straight in the eye almost the entire time as she sings this lovely tune. In response, you won't be able to take your eyes off her. Such a touching singing and strumming performance, you'll just say, "Wow," when it's over. Enjoy!

Random Impulse - Overload [Music Video] [SB.TV WORLD PREMIERE]

Get ready to rock the house with this powerful original track - but can the house handle it? This is Random Impulse's debut single "Overload" - a combination of hip hop style set to a metal guitar backing track sure to blow out your speakers and cause the lights to explode! O va load, O va load, O va load, O va Load!!! Strong vocal performance and a guitar riff to match, this song kicks butt! I think Random Impulse is going to be big in 2011. Watch for the EP Overload due our soon!

Random Impulse X The White Stripes - 'Fell In Love With A Girl' REFIX

An early output from the 2-person rock band White Stripes was the high speed tune "Fell In Love With A Girl". Now add the very cool rap refix while keeping the rock guitar speed and energy and you have this masterpiece! Done in one take, sit back and watch this blaze a path through your brain! We chose this as This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts - Updated every week!

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