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Two Vloggers who love Harry Potter

I like blogging. I enjoy recording my opinion on things related to YouTube at this website. I've been doing this for just shy of 5 years now, and its fun for me to go back and read some of my old posts. It gives me insight into what I liked at the time and I can think about whether I still like what I once raved about, or not. Generally I still enjoy the same videos and video makers!

I started blogging shortly after YouTube launched and this blog presents a history of YouTube. I've written about YouTube musicians, comedians and other genres, including vloggers. A video blog is similar to a written blog in that you can learn about a person's thoughts and feelings. A vlog's visual aspect gives you an immediate impression of the person, as well as body language cues you don't get in a blog, and often captures a certain spontinaety. A blog can provide more depth and detail, and is often a good adjunct to a vlogger's videos.

I've enjoyed several vloggers over the years. Some continue to vlog, although not always at the same frequency, while others are gone or have changed their channel's focus to other things. It can be interesting to follow a vlogger over a period of time. You can see how their personality changes and how they grow as a person. This is especially true of younger vloggers who are still discovering who they are and what they want to do with their lives.

I picked two interesting vloggers to write about in this post - Lucy (OMGitsLucy814) and Kathy (KathyKatInAHat). Both have pleasant personalities and seem to enjoy sharing their thoughts in their vlogs. They are very genuine and sincere; they are comfortable in front of the camera and you could imagine them telling a friend what you see them talking about in their vlogs.

Lucy and Kathy have something else in common; both are big fans of the Harry Potter book series. I have enjoyed learning about Harry Potter from these ladies as I have not read the books myself (I did see one movie and liked it). I would like to read Harry Potter and just discovered that my mom has the first book! It's just a matter of finding the time. I did read all the books in another popular series a few years ago, the Twilight Saga books. My neice was reading them and some family members were concerned about the subject matter, so I decided to see what the fuss was about. I enjoyed the Twilight books and the movies as well, and have even written a few articles on Twilight, most recently "Twilight Saga: Lessons Learned".

After hearing Lucy and Kathy talk about Harry Potter, I think I may have read the wrong book series! I do like Twilight but, in my opinion, its primarily about an unnatural obsession between two people and the adventures their relationship brings to them. I get the feeling from Lucy and Kathy that Harry Potter has more depth and character development, which is something I like and was a bit lacking in Twilight. The ladies talk about how Harry Potter is about love, family, friendship, triumph over evil and solving problems without using magic. When I see my mom this Easter Sunday, I think I'll borrow her Harry Potter book!

Below, we present some vlogs by Lucy and Kathy...

But first, The News!

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Now, here are some interesting vlogs by Lucy and Kathy!

I found Lucy on YouTube when she was just starting out. Her first video was about Harry Potter and which characters her classmates liked the best from the series. Her second video was her first vlog, and I wrote about it, here. I have enjoyed Lucy's vlogs for almost 3 years now and have written about a few of her other videos. See a list of Lucy's videos that I wrote about, here.

Lucy, who states that "Youtube. It's not a hobby, It's a way of life."
is now a senior in High School and made a video last Winter titled, "Why I Love Harry Potter". She explains that she has reread the series and is more able to appreciate the depth of the characters. It's not just about a boy wizard, there is so much more there. Let's hear Lucy in her own words...

Kathy, who said she's "pretty much a huge nerd, and I am also very proud of that fact" is in her first year of college. She talked about her Harry Potter Obsession in one of her VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) videos from last week. After relating what Harry Potter has meant to her at various times in her life, Kathy observes that "these people who had magical powers had problems that they could not solve with magic." We all have problems and we have to learn to deal with them. Listen to Kathy in her own words...

I wrote about Lucy's first vlog years ago when I first saw it. I did not discover Kathy's channel until about a month ago. She made her first vlog well over a year ago when she was a senior in High School. I think she did a great job; let's watch!

Kathy has indeed vlogged every day in April so far and I have enjoyed watching her videos. I recommend that you watch them as well, and its always good to start at the start, so here is VEDA #1. Kathy re-introduces herself, mentions she loves Harry Potter, Doctor Who (watch this and this at 3:22!), jump cut editing, and is going to VidCon! Watch this and then some or all of her other videos, I know you'll enjoy them!

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