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CelestialSam Talks About Music


Our dear friend and popular guest blogger, the lovely CelestialSam (picture above) has written another article for YouTubeStars! This time, Sam writes about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, a delightful band that she says will bring a smile to your face.

Below, we present Sam's thoughts about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, along with a Live performance video...

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a slideshow music video for a really nice song that is inspired by Taylor Swift! Melanie Tang (MelLovesTibby) sang this song which was written by her friend Izzie Wong, who also played the guitar on it and also contributed vocals. Its a very sweet song and you should watch the slideshow video with just two pics so you can concentrate on the music! The video is to the left, click on it!

We love Melanie's singing voice! She has uploaded 15 videos so far and has song covers of songs by The Killers, Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, Ke$ha and more. You will enjoy hearing Melanie sing; check out some of her other videos!

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Congratulations to Michelle Waugh - she was recently on TV on the "Good Day Sacramento" show! We love Michelle's singing and guitar skills - we wrote about her twice before. It's great to see Michelle getting this kind of exposure. We expect more great things in her future!

Michelle has 96 videos on her channel and you will enjoy listening to her covers and her nice originals, which she has uploaded over the last two years. Check out her videos!

Now, here is CelestialSam's article about Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros!

After watching, "Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (live @ kcrw),"

I defy you not to dance or crack a smile!

Live music never sounded so good. "Home" is a solid love song by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos--the vocals--bring such positive energy, youthful innocence and playful childishness to their soulful folk rock. Their rapturous elation is beautiful and refreshing, the perfect complement to a warm summer's day.

In keeping with the contagious childlike mindset, Alex once said, "It's not about posturing or performing or posing or manicuring my performance," in an interview with Candace Achenbach of MF Magazine. He also cites, as an inspiration, the unforgettable "Sasquatch man" who famously started a dance party back in 2009, proving himself unstoppable by gyrating, shaking and capering alone on a vacant hillside plot of grass until a trickle of followers turned into a flood!

"Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party"

As you can see, the Sasquatch man knows the power of no inhibition, a freedom from self-censorship and its impact on others.

This summer, I challenge you to aim for a star and land on the moon. Love without fear. Act and speak with conviction and sincerity. And if you find yourself dancing alone, keep dancing. Chances are they're watching, and waiting to be freed too.

CelestialSam has made many artful and entertaining videos over the years, including "Darkness on Her Cell Wall" and "Je ne veux pas travailler...". Recently, Sam has been vlogging. Enjoy "How I broke my clavicle..."

Please click here to read more about CelestialSam and to see her other Guest Blog posts for YouTubeStars!

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