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Four Random Videos!

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Today we present four random videos - no theme whatsoever! Just four videos that I think you might like to watch. One is of a cat loving video dating girl. One shows a Dutch magician rapidly performing his illusions. One is of a young lady doing the
popular "Whats in my Purse?" show and tell. The last is a rap cover done in a unique way!

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a fabulous singing video entry for Cree Ingles Tube Idol Season 10. This wonderful cover of the American classic "Lullabye of Birdland" is sung by talented pop and jazz singer Steffi Ledbetter. Watch the video right here; click on it!

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Now, here are four Random Videos for your viewing pleasure!

Here's a trending video. YouTube put it on its Home page in the right column where it shows videos that are going viral. Cara plays the part of Debbie, a recent graduate who is making a video for a dating site. The problem is, she can't overcome her emotions when she thinks about her one true love - cats! She wants tons of cats; cats in baskets, cats with bowties, cats on rainbows! Six Million views in the first week, see why this is going viral!

I don't know who started it, but there is a "tag" going around where females show us what is in their purse. At first, the ladies would be urged to do a video like this if one of their friends tagged them in their videos. Now, so many girls, especially those who are beauty gurus, add a "What's in my Purse" videoblog whether they get tagged or not. And why not! It's a good way for their viewers to learn something about them.

Here's Ashley (YouTube, blog), a girl who has a few fun makeup videos uploaded. She has a fairly big bag and it's filled with stuff! Sunglasses, lip gloss, electronic gadgets - its so random! What will she pull out of there next? Ashley made this video after watching "What's In My Purse?" videos by our guest blogger Christina (video here) who usually sings in her videos but also has a beauty channel, and by another beauty guru, LinDJewel (video here).

Do your friends email you links to videos they saw on YouTube, or videos that they got from other people on their email list? I got this spectacular video of a magician appearing on a Dutch TV show a few days ago. I thought it was pretty cool to watch how many times he made people appear and dissapear in such rapid order.

If you want to see other videos and email jokes and stories that have been circulating via email, please have a look at the Email Gems website. If you find something interesting or funny there, click the Share Button and let your friends know about it!

This video is also amazing, in that the musician uses the break on a pool table for percussive effect. Pat Noonan's rapid rap takes about a minute to unfold, and you'll see how he made the sounds that you'll hear. Besides the cue ball smashing into 15 colored balls, you'll also see him pound a bass drum by hand and play a psychedelic violin lick. It all goes by quickly - see if you can keep up with the pace!

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Hi ashley,
I like you video, it's funny and cute, the other videos are too.

The cat one, and PatDNoonan's video was truly amazing. What a talented bunch of people, and to think some are so young! Love this!

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