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Rebecca Black is Back - My Moment

Rebecca Black My MomentBack in March of this year, a 13 year old girl from Orange County CA became an overnight sensation! For weeks, everyone had something to say about Rebecca Black and her slightly silly but curiously catchy song, "Friday" and its quirky but fairly well made music video. We wrote several articles about Rebecca Black and you can find them all here. Now, Rebecca is back with her second song, "My Moment" - just released today and already it has over 650 thousand views! I'll have a few things to say about the song and video, below.

But first, The News!

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Now, watch Rebecca Black's latest video, My Moment!

Rebecca Black was just 13 when she decided to make a music video like her friend Alana Lee had just made. After getting the okay, and money ($4000) from her parents, Rebecca goes to Ark Music Factory and buys a package consisting of an original song and music video. Ark puts the video on its YouTube channel and the video gets a few thousand hits. Then Tosh.0 mentions it on TV and millions come to enjoy or hate on the video. The dislike to like ratio is about 8 to 1 but the video keeps getting views and comments.
(Read more Rebecca Black history, here.)

People want to know who Rebecca Black is, and her name becomes a the number one Trending Topic on Twitter, even ahead of the Japan natural disaster. Rebecca gets horrible hate comments but wins the friendship of Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell. She ends up in a starring role as herself in the hugely popular 8 minute mini-movie / music video for Katy Perry's song "Last Friday Night".

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Just today (7/18/2011), Rebecca Black has released her second song, "My Moment" - on her new YouTube channel, Rebecca. Rebecca is 14 now, she just had a birthday on June 21. She looks about the same but now we can hear her sing without the same level of autotune as on "Friday". She sings very well! Yes, there are better singers out there, but there are certainly worse ones as well. The song itself is pretty good, it is a fairly typical pop song with no huge hook but I have listened to it several times and I like it. I have already bought a copy of it on iTunes.

The song tells Rebecca's story so far. It has a little of the feel of Taylor Swift's "Mean." Some people are not encouraging at all, but Rebecca will be following her dreams.

Rebecca Black TwitterThe video begins with Rebecca Black sitting in a recording studio (see the picture above). She starts singing some ah-ah-a-ah sounds, recalling the opening moments of "Friday". The lyrics start with, "Weren't you the one who said that I would be nothing? Well I'm about to prove you wrong!" The video continues with shots of Rebecca out and about, with fans and on the roads of L.A. Other scenes show her in makeup prep and at a dance class. The middle of the video contains some nice dance scenes with Rebecca and (according to her recent tweet, seen at the left) several dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance" - the hit dance competition TV show on the Fox Broadcasting Network.

The video winds down with shots of Rebecca Black in a limo with her younger brother, her mother and others, on their way to a Premier event. We see Rebecca getting out of the limo as photographers flashes go off. She has pulled up in front of a club of some sort with her name and "My Moment" on the Marquee. Rebecca has just had some words for the haters in her lyrics - "Haters, said I'll see ya later... I'm doing big things, things you never dreamed of. I hope you are happy 'cause I'm 'bout to blow up! This is my moment, my moment! It's my time!"

The final scene shows Rebecca Black dancing in front of the club as the paparazzi take shot after shot. She is wearing a red dress which comes down to just above the knee, a black belt and black shoes. The dress is very similar to the famous white dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in "The Seven Year Itch" which sold at auction for $4.6 million on June 20th of this year. No, Rebecca's dress did not blow up, but her song, video and career just might!

Now - Watch the video!

Uploaded by rebecca on Jul 18, 2011

GET THE SONG ON iTUNES NOW! http://bit.ly/mymomentitunes

World Premiere Music Video for "My Moment" the new song from Rebecca Black.

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  • 1) I do admit this is better then Friday and its not terrible

    2) however can she please go more then 10 seconds without looking at the camera. Sometimes that's ok, but that is just obnoxious.


  • well it's not as stupid, so you get a thumbs up... there you go, +1 thumbs up. Your freaking welcome. but i still won't pay to listen to this.

  • The comments go by so quickly! It's like playing a video game! "Try to hit thumbs up, thumbs down, or reply. XD

  • Let's see any of you do better. Get over yourselves. She's made more out of herself as a thirteen year old then any of you will in your whole lives.

  • hmmm i think this song is a little better than friday ...

  • 302 views and 60 000 dislikes, dont know bout you but youtube needs math class

  • 888 comments since you started viewing ... dammmm

  • ahaha she just shits on all your haters on this song lol i have never seen some many trolls come out of hibernation just to hate on a cool kid lol

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srsly she is not that bad. i mean its not the best but she sings ok and the song is good. Haters, why you gotta be so mean!

I LOVE REBECCA BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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