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MissAlissa15 and Tumnusmusic

Not long ago, we brought you Vlogs To Think About - 3 videos with messages. This time we'll show you a genuine interaction between two people who let their guard down and talk openly about how they really feel, deep down inside.

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a fun video from young actresses and friends Sammi Hanratty and Stella Hudgens. @SammiHanratty1 has been on iCarly and stars in the upcoming movie "The Greening of Whitney Brown". @stellahudgens was in TV Show "According to Jim" and the movie "The Memory Thief". She is Vanessa Hudgens sister. Watch them sing and clown around!

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Congrats to UndiscoveredJulie! It's been over a year since we heard from this queen of improv and wacky comedy. Julie is back to tell us that she is now married and has an adorable little girl. Thanks for the update and best wishes to you and your family, Julie!

Now, watch this heartfelt exchange between Alissa and Will.

MissAlissa15 is a 19 year old woman from Oregon with a magnetic personality. Her charming comedy and vlog videos are very popular on YouTube. Alissa recently made a different kind of video called "Delete" in which she talked about how helpful it can be to write out a long emotional message and then delete it without sending it. She admits that she gets depressed and thinks a lot at night. She remembers that she used to be able to confront someone who hurt her feelings in order to try to work it out. But now she writes long unsent messages as a form of therapy rather than risking rejection by actually sending such messages. Watch and listen to Alissa as she explains herself better than this description!

Tumnusmusic is the music channel for a young man named Will who was inspired by Alissa's video to talk about the anxiety he has felt recently. His feelings are generally the result of his sense of loss of a dear friend who intentionally took a fatal overdose. Will speaks from the heart and sings an original song about his friend, in his video response. I was moved and so was Alissa. This exchange is in the comments:

you, sir, absolutely fascinate me. i am in love with the way you carry yourself. it all seems so awkward, calculated and passionate. i know you've got so much in your heart and that makes you absolutely beautiful. incredible song and vlog. thanks so much for sharing yourself with me :) ♥
MissAlissa15 1 week ago 276

@MissAlissa15 wowowowoww okay just the fact you commented made my day. so much support can be found all around you, i guess you just never know when it will show up or where you look. :)
tumnusmusic 1 week ago 60

Alissa has a second channel named MissPepperoni. In this emotional video, she thanks Will for his response video. She says she loves response videos and also that she can identify with people who have anxiety and depression issues like she does. She says that response videos like this make her feel less alone.

Right before this video, Alissa made a fun video in which she grooves to various songs. Watch that video to get an idea of how she usually appears in her videos!

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