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Emma writes about the New Year

Emma Samuelson

Guest Blogger Emma Samuelson is back with her third post! Emma is a singer-songwriter from California who writes her own songs, sings and plays guitar. Check out the excellent music videos on her YouTube channel! In Emma's own words, "I am a spiritual person and I love music, listening to it, creating it, and everything about it." Her love of music is obvious in her videos!

Emma's first post for YouTubeStars was a review of some videos about Comedian Bill Hicks. In her second post, Emma wrote three Thought Provoking Videos on what gets us motivated, the state of the environment, and a Free Hugs campaign.

Now, Emma tells us about three videos with a New Year / New Start / Being Now theme. This very moment is all we have, so make the best use of it!
See what Emma has to say and watch the videos she discusses!

But first, The News!

This week's Featured Video on our Top 100 and Top 200 Charts is a heartfelt and powerful performance of the popular Adele song, "Set Fire to the Rain", by talented YouTube Musician - Ms Tiffany Lexus! Visit her YouTube channel for more great singing videos (and one raw egg eating video!)

I was so impressed with MsTiffany's singing in this video and I asked her if she would do a mini Twitter interview with me. She agreed and we both had fun tweeting our parts of the interview! Here is a link to our mini Twitter based interview with MsTiffanyLexus, check it out!

Our good friend Tiffany Jo Allen's NEW single is out, and it rocks!
The song is named "Over You" and it reminds me of vintage Pat Benatar. The crunchy power chords of an electric guitar are featured prominently and Tiffany's vocals are strong and clear. Click the pic to see Tiffany's video that previews the song. BUY the track on iTunes or at Tiffany's website. I did; this is a cool ROCK tune!

We love to promote YouTubers and we're not alone.
Here is another website that cares about the YouTube community and mentions both the big and little guys - YouTube Channel Reviews!
"From brand new YouTube users to the most famous YouTubers, we’ll take a look at it all and give our expert opinions as we break down everything in the YouTube community." The site is nicely origanized and has a cool slider on the Main page. See who they are writing about, at YouTube Channel Reviews!

Now, here are Emma's thoughts about the New Year.

This is a new year. Traditionally, the new year signifies a new start, a new beginning, or for some, it's a chance to forget the mistakes of the past, and move foreword. Along with resolutions to exercise and eat healthier, new lists of goals to achieve, and brand new material items to enjoy, what the new year really brings about, is a time to step into the moment. Many people take the new year as the only time to make changes, take chances and take a new breath. But really, every moment is the only time, for all we have is now. Being here and now in the present is where life lives, it's where everything lives. So be now, and live.

In this concept of 'being now', one can discover the truth of life. The beauty of life. It's all waiting here for us to appreciate it. In this video, the Holi Festival of Colors is taking place. This annual event takes place in Spanish Fork, Utah for the 2011 festival. During this weekend festival, over 40,000 people from all over the world come to enjoy music, food, people, love, and most interesting of all: colors. Every few hours, everyone present at the festival, all at once, throw colored powder into the air, and the effects are magical. All the people at the festival are happily jubilant, dancing and being now in the midst of color. The beauty of this event is too inspiring to describe.

Sometimes, being in the moment unexpectedly rather than purposefully can be an entirely new and different experience. Along with the beauty of expression and peace, everyone in the world shares depth and hardships, and sometimes, we are blind as to how we are all connected. Everyone has strife. This is a truth that isn't as welcome in society to discuss and share with others. Kamil Krolak went beyond society and asked people in Galway, Ireland to open up and share their life's biggest regret. At first, most are taken aback, not sure how to begin to answer this question. This is an unexpected moment for the people in this video. Eventually, everyone opens up to share their story. Some lost friends, others didn't take opportunities… but no matter what they regretted, they all had an understanding that perfection isn't what life is. The idealistic nature that has become the 'image' of people today isn't real, it isn't what's going on.
Everyone hurts. Everyone heals. Everyone loves. Krolak takes a step into the journey of people he doesn't know, and shows how connected we all are, right now.

Being in the moment can look differently for individual people. Some meditate, others dance, some write. And some create music. For as long as the human race has been in existence, so has music. It is one of the fundamental crafts and arts that the human race has contributed to the world. But how can music 'be the moment'?

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros show just this. With a large band such as this, you get to experience a larger sound, with many voices, instruments and emotions all joining together as one. Everyone in this band gives into the music, and into the moment. They play a total of three songs: "Janglin'", "Home", and "40 Day Dream", all of which transcend human emotion into sound. By listening to this music you can't help but be in the here and now. It gives so much love and harmony to the atmosphere, allowing expression to occur.
Being now. This is my new year. And I get to be here, right now. And that is beautiful.

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Hey Emma, I enjoy your writing style. I particularly liked your comment about being in the moment unexpectedly rather than purposefully. I used to get so caught up in plans sometimes that I would end up somewhere more fun but because it wasn't according to plan, I'd be miserable. Now I travel the world and just enjoy those unexpected times realizing that the things you can't control are sometimes the most beautiful. AND I agree with you about Tiffany, she has an amazing voice, I subscribed to both yours and her channel. cheers.

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