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MsTiffanyLexus Interview on Twitter!

I have heard many covers of Adele songs on YouTube, but the one I keep coming back to listen to is by MsTiffanyLexus. She does a heartfelt and powerful version of "Set Fire to the Rain." We made it our Featured Video this week on our YouTube Top 100 Chart and I'll embed it right here for your listening and viewing pleasure. Tiffany created a nice video to accompany her singing, consisting of nice pics and facts about herself. I thought that I would like to ask a few more questions of Tiffany, so I sent her a DM on Twitter asking for a short interview to be conducted right on Twitter, and she agreed to do it! I thought of a few things to ask and tweeted them to Tiffany. She tweeted back some great answers! Most were in multiple tweets but below I concatenated them into one reply per question. The interview went very well. We both enjoyed tweeting out our parts of the interview.

So here is talented YouTube musician MsTiffanyLexus singing "Set Fire to the Rain" - followed by our Twitter based interview!

@mstiffanylexus Still listening to "Set Fire to the Rain" by YOU; Love it! Did u pick this song for a reason; is it special to u in some way?

@KennyCrane Gosh, thanks so much! Well, I heard it for the first time the morning I recorded it, & idk, something about it actually did connect with me & really made me want to cover it. The song, to me, is about falling for someone whom.. Has caused a lot of heartbreak? And instead of crying about it, you, ya know:), set fire to your tears - metaphorically conveying the hurt & confidence to get over them, even with the verse about how her heart keeps going back to him, or, "waiting for [him]". And, I have experienced stuff like this before, so, I quickly favorited this song for the connection I had w/ it & the inspirational lyrics. :)

@mstiffanylexus Did you sing all the awesome vocals or did someone else sing back up? What kind of mic do you use?

@KennyCrane I did sing all of it ^.^ hahaa. Except, there was this ONE part at like 1:40 in the video where some random background voice com es in and says "Never knew, Never knew" XD. LOL It sounds nothing like me either so.. I'm sure you heard it XD it came with the instrumental version I downloaded, I later found out. XD haha And I own the MXL 990 & 991 microphones:) I used just the 990 here:)

@mstiffanylexus Do you come from a musical family and have you taken any voice lessons?

@KennyCrane I've never taken voice lessons, no :) uhmm.. No, not exactly xD. My mom is the only one of my family members that shares a great love for music & singing with me. My dad is passionate about cars and computers, so, he doesn't really understand it - He's all logic & we're more into the arts. Cool story, actually.. my mom was offered a recording contract when she was ten years old ! :) she wrote this AMAZING song - though she says it's silly - with it being the 70s, called "Boogie All Night". I'm actually going to have her record it & then I'll compose music to it & we'll post it to my channel ^.^ it's suuuper good:) hahaa. It ALWAYS gets stuck in my head:)! That's one of my favorite things about my mom too - she's a phenomenal writer when it comes to lyrics :) And, obviously, she turned them down, but she doesn't regret it & that's good ^.^ if she had signed, she wouldn't have met my dad & had my brother and I! ^.^ We do write songs together a lot too, so, as soon as I finish writing the music to it, you better bet it'll be on my YouTube channel:D !

@mstiffanylexus Great story, thanks! :-) What instruments do you play and what's your favorite and why?

@KennyCrane I playyy piano (though, I will admit, I am a beginner still:) ), acoustic guitar, ukulele, baritone(or euphonium, I heard my band teacher call it today:) ), and clarinet so far. I'd really like to learn how to play the banjo as well, just cause it's awesome xD My favorite would have to be either guitar or ukulele. Something about playing them just feels amazing:) I get all tingly and happy inside:))) <3 which makes me really feel like this is something I was meant to do:))) I love it so much.

@mstiffanylexus Last question! :-) What five words or phrases would best describe your personality?

@KennyCrane hmm... I'd say... Optimistic/happy, sily/fun/outgoing, compassionate, adventurous/daring, &.. I'm kind of a hopeless romantic xD

Links for MsTiffanyLexus
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MsTiffanyLexus on Twitter
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Download "Set Fire to the Rain" for Free!

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