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Emma writes on grief and self worth

Emma Samuelson

Guest Blogger Emma Samuelson is back with a powerful post about life and death, grief and support, self doubt and self worth.

Emma is a singer-songwriter from California who writes her own songs, sings and plays guitar. Check out the excellent music videos on her YouTube channel! In Emma's own words, "I am a spiritual person and I love music, listening to it, creating it, and everything about it." Her love of music is obvious in her videos!

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Now, Emma tells us about how she copes with the loss of a dear friend. Read Emma's excellent article and think about what she has to say. Also watch the video which is a tribute to her friend.

But first, The News!

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Now, here are Emma's thoughts about grief and self worth.

Grief. Something universal, something unexplainable. Most have experienced the loss of a loved one, a friend, a classmate, a co-worker, an acquaintance. Grief is how we deal with loss, tragedy, and heartbreak. Although when 'shit hits the fan', there's usually someone else there to talk about it, and struggle along with you. At 17, I have experienced this. It hasn't been easy, but I've learned that isolation and depression aren't reasonable options for moving on and living life as we all are supposed to do. Last year, my friend took his life. It wasn't as surprising as it should have been, but it still hurt like hell. I had looked up to this inspirational, loving, hysterical man, and he couldn't even see worth in himself. Dealing with depression, anxiety, the stress of adolescence. Yes, we all have these things going on, but sometimes it doesn't feel as if anyone knows how you feel. Mark Spencer Wooldridge lived 20 years on this planet as an adored and loved young man. I know he's just experiencing the great beyond.

Being part of Science of Mind, Mark attended teen camps with many other teenagers, including myself. This past teen camp was the first I experienced without his presence. There was so much love in the room for him… the youth could feel him there with us as we released our sadness and embraced spirit. Grief as a teenager might have been more challenging without this massive support system I know as my teaching. Science of Mind teaches that all is Spirit, and everything is connected. It has such positivity and warmth, it has given me tools in practice of how to live my life fully and it allows me to create my experience as I want it. So, when transition occurs, expression of sorrow isn't suppressed. Emotions aren't hidden, they are released and flow through us, with the comfort and love of a spiritual family along for the journey. I find these spiritual camps the best place to move through difficult situations, and come out with peace and clarity for how I feel and who I am every time.

Two of my closest friends, Jordan Dobbins and Casey Goodwin, performed at the talent show this past winter camp. They performed their rendition of 'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd, dedicating it to Mark. Everyone in the room was completely connected to him in that moment. Jordan and Casey pour their love out through this piece and do a tremendous job in technique and sound. It is truly a beautiful performance.

No matter the situation, you are loved. Don't be so sure of the lack you have in your life, and take another look to see what's really here. I experience love everyday, and make sure I take the chance to be grateful for the life I have. I make sure I take the time to be with myself and just sit in the beauty of my own expression of who I am. Take the time. No one should lose their life because they can't see the truth of what they are, stay connected. There's infinite potential and perfection in your very own skin, embrace it, and give it a life.

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