Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Gangnam Style YouTube Videos

You've seen it on YouTube, you've seen it on the Evening News, now see it on YouTubeStars! Its time for some Gangnam Style videos!  This K-Pop dance song from Korean pop star PSY is approaching 300 Million Views on YouTube.  It reminds me of a generic LMFAO song, some kind of cross between Party Rock Anthem and I'm Sexy And I Know It.  The video features lots of dancing with plenty of hip swirling and "Ride 'em Cowboy" motions.  Random is the key word here; you never know what will appear in the next scene.  There is a guy thrusting above a man on the floor in an elevator.  There's PSY on the toilet.  There's dancing in the streets, as expected, but also party bus action.

Here's the official Gangnam Style video, bt PSY.  Watch it and learn the dance.  You'll be a hit at the next wedding you attend. :P

A video like this was bound to spawn a thousand variations and parodies. There is this Western parody, where they are ready to whip some ass, Gangnam Style. There are several girls in bikinis dancing on the beach which probably accounts for more of the 3 Million views than the cheesy fight scenes. Erica Law is the girl in the white bikini.

Of course there is a sped up version of the Gangnam Style song! There always is. Someone, or typically several someones, do a chipmuck version of pop songs. This one is pretty cool, and the song actually rocks harder at a faster tempo. The dance moves are there from the original, as well as the funnier random scenes. Due to the rev up, the video clocks in under 2 minutes, which may be fine for those tired of the tune already! Pretty girls and goofy situations make for a nice parody with nearly a million views.

What are people saying about this video? Like any pop tune, the reaction is all over the place. Love, hate, amusement, SMH, and W/E. The Fine Brothers make a series of "Teens React" videos. Here is their take on Gangnam Style. This cross section of teens watch the video then answer questions posed to them by the behind-the-scenes narrator. Rapid but interesting analysis from the target demographic. Watch and see which people in this video you agree with.

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