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Ashlee's Back! - YouTubeStars DanielJOFFICIAL Cimorelli Talia Joy

Ashlee CollovaGuest blogger Ashlee Collova is back at YouTubeStars with her second guest blog! Ashlee is from Perth in Australia and is a writer who has her own website, She likes to interview and promote young singers on her channel and website. Check out the excellent videos on her YouTube channel! One of my favorites is this video of YouTube Rocker Jes Loren answering Ashlee's interview questions!

In her second guest blog post for us, Ashlee reviews two music videos from a popular male teen YouTuber and from singing sisters! She also tells us the story of Talia Joy.

See what Ashlee has to say and watch the videos she discusses!

Ashlee Collova writes about Three YouTube Stars!

1. Daniel J: The Next Jesse McCartney

Everyone has been talking about the brand new hit song "We Can't Stop" by former Disney star Miley Cyrus. The catchy pop song has everyone on their feet singing, dancing and having a blast! I'm quite a big fan of the tune myself and I came across a talented sixteen year old boy singing a cover of it on his YouTube channel. His name is Daniel J and he lives in the United Kingdom. When I first saw his video he reminded me of a young Jesse McCartney. Daniel J has really smooth vocals and a fun, cheeky personality in his video that will certainly have teen girls going crazy!

Check out Daniel J's cover below and let me know what you think! Do YOU think he is a Jesse McCartney in the making?!

2. Cimorelli: Six Sisters Taking Over America

Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren AND Dani are known as the six sisters who make up the famous family band Cimorelli. The girls first found fame in September in 2008, when they uploaded their first video on YouTube. Since then, they have continued uploading YouTube videos including covers and originals. They have collaborated with other music stars such as Ryan Beatty and MattyB. Their online success and impressive musical talents led to signing a record deal with Universal Island Records and Universal Republic! The humble girl group recently released their new single Made in America - which is also the name of their EP available now!

Check out Cimorelli below in their latest music video performing Made in America!

3. Talia Joy: World Mourns The Loss of 13-Year-Old Makeup Artist Talia Joy

This post isn't about a singer but it is about a beautiful 13-year-old makeup artist who found fame and thousands of admiring fans on YouTube. Talia Joy Castellano was diagnosed with cancer at the age of six years old and sadly passed away at the age of 13 years old, on July 16th 2013. Talia had a great love for fashion and makeup. She started posting makeup tutorials online in August of 2011. Since posting her informative and fun tutorials she has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, been a CoverGirl and interviewed celebrities! Talia has raised awareness for childhood cancer too. Her courage and gorgeous persona inspires millions around the world to never be afraid to be yourself, love what you do and appreciate life! Talia's passing has broken hearts all around the world. Below is a YouTube video of Talia's in her most popular video. The second video is Talia's older sister talking about the loss of her sister and how we can all help to make Talia's dreams come true. Talia's bright legacy will continue to shine on forever and she will continue to make a difference.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Malala Yousafzai - Speech on Education

Last week, Malala Yousafzai gave a short but important speech at the U.N. Malala is a 16 year old girl from Pakistan who was shot in the face by a member of the Taliban because she dared to speak out in favor of education for all children, both boys and girls. She believes that "the pen is mightier than the sword" and that the terrorists who shot her and killed teachers and blasted schools are afraid of her and the changes that are happening in society. Please watch this amazing speech and think about what Malala is saying. You can read more about Malala here. Think about if you want to stand with Malala and stand up for woman's and children's rights. Watch her inspiring speech right here:

Everyone should watch this heartfelt speech. It is inspiring and gives us hope for a better world tomorrow. Please consider clicking the Share button below, and share this on FaceBook, Twitter, and whatever social networks you are on. Thanks!

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Monday, July 01, 2013


30 Facts About Me

Here are three videos from people doing the popular YouTube Tag, "30 Facts About Me".

But first, some facts about YouTubeStars!

We've been online since 2006 - that's over 7 years now!
Our first post was on 6/7/2006.
We have over 260 posts.
We have published over 350 comments.
We have had about a dozen Guest Bloggers.
We have had over One Million pageviews! As of today, we have 1,193,153 pageviews.
We have covered about a Thousand YouTube Videos.

And now, watch these videos and learn something about three YouTubers.

First we have Meghan from Pennsylvania on the MeghanEmeryTV channel.  Meghan tells us that she did four takes on this video, but we can see that it came out very well.  She uses nice special effects to title each topic and frame the video on a nice background.  Listen to Meghan talk about her family, musical likes, sports, and the fact that she has a touch of ADD and ADHD.

Meghan recalls that, one day her teacher mentioned a building, which led her to a stream of thoughts from buildings to One Direction to Britain to the British Flag to the American Flag to stars in the nighttime.  She concludes the video by saying that she talks fast, which is true, but I had no trouble understanding everything she said.  However, YouTube transcription messed up Big Time, like usual!  Check out the ADHD translation:

"i guess i have that kind of a downside because i was sitting in class one main an attitude let's look at this building out etc cynthia was invented a building one direction cambridge the british flag has bred light blue this is like the american flag american pie has stars i'd really like the stars in the nighttime and i just got crazy"

OK, that is NOT what Meghan said!  Voice recognition works pretty well but it still has a ways to go.

Meghan is planning on doing many more interesting videos so become one of her first subscribers and see what she has produces!

Jess D'Arcy from England on the SuperBeautyNerd channel has quite a delightful British accent and gives long but interesting explanations of her 30 Facts. She has shook hands with a member of the Royal family and quite misses doing ballet. Although she sings and would love to be able to accompany herself, she is "rubbish" at guitar and piano. Jess was a "gobby" kid for a while (loud and overdone, so a certain online dictionary says) but now she structures her thoughts. She anti-comfort eats - when she is upset she doesn't eat at all. Me too! Jess generally does beauty videos.

 Check out her many videos on Makeup, Hair, Style, Hauls and more. Join Jess' 60+ Thousand subscribers!

Rebecca Ellie from Sweden on the theselenacyrus channel also has a British accent because she lived in the England for 6 years. She saw One Direction and it was the best day of her life. Rebecca speaks German and has horses, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. She loves sloths, Koalas and dolphins and does an impressive sloth impersonation in this video.

Rebecca is very animated in the video and gives us a minute of bloopers at the end for even more fun. She is almost at 10 Thousand subscribers so subscribe and push her over this upcoming milestone!

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