Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Happy in Iran

It might be a crime to be Happy in Iran.  Six people made a video of themselves dancing to the hit song Happy by Pharrell Williams, uploaded to YouTube two days ago.  Yesterday they were arrested.  Today they are out on bail.  This happened in Tehran, Iran.  Here is their video:

Here is a video supposedly showing the people in the video being questioned by Police:

Here is the description from this second video:
Clarification: In this video, the Iranian State broadcasters refer to the individuals being interviewed as "actors". The individuals who participated in the "Happy" video are ordinary young people and not necessarily actors.

A few weeks after the release of the video, Happy (We are from Tehran), a remake of Pharrell William's song, "Happy", these young Iranians were arrested by police. A few hours after their arrest, they appeared on Iran's National TV, even before charges were made against them. Posted by Poletik, hosted by Kambiz Hosseini.

Parrell Williams had this reaction on Twitter:

The President of Iran tweeted this on Twitter:

Read more, at ABC News.

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