Tuesday, August 05, 2014


DragonForce - New Speed Metal Album

I've been a fan of Speed Metal before the term was even coined. Back in the day I loved, "7 and 7 is" by Love, "Journey to the Center of your Mind" by The Amboy Dukes, "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin, and "Set Me Free" by Sweet. Anything loud and fast was what I sought out. Then The Ramones fit the bill for me, followed by British Metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. When Speed and Thrash Metal hit, I was listening to early Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

As fast as those bands were, I was still blown away the first time I heard "Through the Fire and the Flames" by British Extreme Power Metal kings, DragonForce. I first thought they must have sped it up in the studio - no one could play That Fast! But I've spoken to people who have seen them Live, and the word is, they do indeed shred at the speed of Light! The video for that manic metal masterpiece hit YouTube at the end of 2006 and now has over 62 Million views. If you never saw it, I put it below for your Metal enjoyment!

But first, here is the NEW song from DragonForce! Maximum Overload will be the name of DragonForce's sixth studio release, due out in a few weeks. The first single is The Game, shown below. These guys have not slowed down! They still play some of the fastest songs I've ever heard! Uploaded to YouTube on June 18th, this video is approaching a half Million views. Of special interest - the word is that DragonForce cover the Johnny Cash classic, Ring of Fire, on this recording; that should be interesting! Long Live Speed Metal; Long live DragonForce! \m/

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