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Naughty Girls Donut Shop Controversy

Naughty Girls Tiana
This is the story of 17 year old Tiana Ramos, who had a dream to open a donut shop. She set a goal and worked hard to achieve it. An investor was impressed enough to provide 100K in start up capital after one meeting with the earnest and driven teen. With this cash infusion, Tiana opened her donut shop! What could possibly go wrong?
Naughty Girls Have Faith Too
Front Royal, Virginia is a small town in the Shenandoah Valley. Some say it is similar to the small town in the movie Footloose where a minister has banned rock music and dancing. Tiana Ramos' Naughty Girls donut shop is in Front Royal. Apparently, some local residents don't like the name of their new donut shop, nor its logo which may or may not have something resembling a devil's tale in it, nor its employees who are accused of promoting promiscuity. There is talk of a boycott of the Naughty Girls establishment, and trouble has erupted online as well as at the shop where someone threw garbage at the store's door. Is Tiana going to walk away from her dream? "Heck no!" She has faith in herself and her business. Her faith is her own, and may or may not be the same as your faith and what you choose to believe in. But here in America, we have the freedom to have faith in whatever we choose. We also have freedom of choice. We can voice our opinions about controversial issues. We can support or stay away from businesses. While some have chosen to voice dissent, Tiana Ramos has many supporters of her Naughty Girls Donut Shop. Comments on this news story include: "this is just making us rally together to support her and her efforts", "We support Naughty Girls Donut Shop!", " You are doing an awesome thing by standing up to these bullies!", "The name "naughty girls" does not promote promiscuous behavior any more than the "devil's food" label on the front of a Betty Crocker cake mix box promotes satanic worship! What ignorance!"
Tiana Boss Lady
What exactly is going on at the Naughty Girls Donut Shop? Well from what we can tell from the news stories and videos, it's just a typical food shop with excellent food! What makes it unique is the "Boss Lady" - 17 year old High School Senior Tiana Ramos, who has tattoos and is into a pinup lifestyle and Rockabilly music. In her own words, here is Tiana, talking about who she is and how her dream of opening her own Donut Shop came true. She is turning her experiences into a web series so be sure to subscribe if you like her video and if you want to support what she is doing!

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I've gone a little Twitter crazy!

@SamFoxCom Naughty Girls Have Faith Too! and need love too! Check this teen biz owner and support please!

@taylorswift13 "Why You Gotta Be So mean!" "Haters gonna Hate hate hate" Read about this nice teen biz owner please!

@taylorswift13 You just gotta Shake It Off when locals hate on your Naughty Girls Donut Shop owned by ambitious teen!

Controversial Naughty Girls Donut Shop owned by a 17 year old girl with tattoos who loves Rockabilly music!

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Wow, I guess the stereotyping will never change! This young lady is following her dream, and instead of having all the support she needs, from the community, she is having to fight for her rights. Grow up and taste the music, people! This is a new era, where people (whether man, woman or teen), are taught to follow their dreams. Why not be proud of this young lady for knowing what she wants? How many teens have that? So what she picked a title like "Naughty Girls"! Tiana, I hope you continue to follow your dreams.....

Is it all just a made up manufactured marketing maneuver? Do journalists research their stories before unleashing them on the world? Here's an interesting article on the Christian opposition to Tiana's Naughty Girls Donut Shop:
Doughnut holes: Story on Christians targeting Naughty Girls pastries is all sugar and no spice.

Finally someone see this for what it is! Thank you for the link above, KennyCrane.

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