Monday, November 17, 2014


Fun Dance Workout - Hey Sexy Lady!

It's almost time for the Holidays! What happens to most of us during the Holidays? We eat too much! We just finished with Halloween so we may have eaten a ton of candy. Next comes Thanksgiving and that is usually a gorge fest. The end of the year is more of the same, as we visit with family and friends. What can we do to stay slim, healthy and in the best shape possible?

Dance Workout!

Watch Heather Vaughn on her JellyBeanNose YouTube channel as she gives a fun tutorial on how to do a workout dance to Psy's huge hit, Gangnam Style. Heather, 23 years old and from Chandler Arizona, is a talented dancer who makes dance cover videos as well as random videos about Korean and Japanese things, kind of what we saw from Miss Hannah Minx.

Here's how to learn this dance workout! First, watch the first part, where Heather talks you through the moves to do during the chorus of the song. Then practice those moves throughout the entire song. Finally, for advanced dancers or workout people, do the rest of the moves that Heather does! Soon you'll be that Sexy Lady or Dude!

Of course the real key to being sexy is to feel confident about yourself and to project that confidence. Wherever you are in life, take stock of the good things in your life, and give thanks for what you have. If you decide to improve any area of your life, set a goal and make a plan. Do research - use YouTube as a source of instruction and motivation. Never compare yourself to others, but strive to be the best you can be. Love yourself as you are and move forward!

Happy Holidays to all our readers! Our visit count is approaching 1.5 Million and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads YouTubeStars, comments and shares the posts on Social Media. You all rock!

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Ok, I have to admit it! That was freaking awesome. I like to try to keep myself in shape, and also wish I could dance (without looking like a dork). Did you know that dancing is the easiest way to stay in shape? I was moving my upper body while watching this. I am determined to do all her moves! Keep up the awesome dance/workout videos, Heather!

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