Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Skip Black Friday, Shop Amazon.com

The economy is doing a little better and analysts expect more of us to spend more on The Holidays this year. But how will we buy our Holiday Gifts? Will we go out and wait on long lines and possibly get into battles with other shoppers as we purchase our presents? For me, I find it so much easier to let my mouse do the shopping as I click and buy at Amazon.com! Shop Amazon's Electronics Holiday Gift Guide - New Deals Every Day

Here is a bunch of short clips about Shopping in Stores on Black Friday, taken from America's Funniest Home Videos! It is titled "Black Friday Compilation | AFV"

Why go out and shop when you can shop from your home or office or even your smart phone or tablet! Amazon.com has everything you need, and you know it's true. Order in minutes and then bring your Amazon packages in from your front porch, wrap, and you're done!


Things sometimes go very wrong on Black Friday. Here is a 5 minute video about Black Friday Disasters. It has about a Million views! Here is the well written description: By now, we've all heard the Black Friday horror stories. The cast of characters is always the same: stampeding shoppers, pushy patrons and bellicose bargain-hunters. Along with great deals, the post-Thanksgiving shopping "holiday" can bring out consumers' more aggressive natures. Before you foray into the retail free-for-all, check out this compilation. You might think twice about leaving the house.


Happy Holidays from YouTubeStars!

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